Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Out my dirty kitchen window this morning. As a good excuse for it being dirty, its above the sink and the only way I can wash it is to use my tall step stool, sit on the edge of the sink to get to the window. I keep suggesting Tyler do it but he hasn't gotten the hint yet. He is tall. I am short.
Happy New Year to you all. When the ball drops, I will asleep and dreaming good thoughts I hope. This has been a year of challenges for us and some fun times too. In our Christmas letter I called it the Good, The Bad and The Ugly. But this one thing I am sure of, I am thankful that I went all year with no hospital visits, our health and activity level is good and despite the ugly we are here and happy and rejoicing.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

God's Snowballs

The wind left these snowballs across the flat fields across the road, and as in this picture, our front yard and pasture. I told Bob God was throwing snowballs at us. Interesting. I had never seen that before.

The barn horses got out today. As usual Dixie and Ditto just walked beside me with a hay string around their necks but then Pepper. You would think he was a yearling just learning to lead. He had to have a halter and lead on. He did not want to walk thru the deep snow but he wanted me too. He kept shoving me out of the path and I kept shoving back. When we got to the gate he kicked up his heels and snorted and bucked off and rolled in the snow. The old fat boy surely does give us a lot of chuckles. The others are doing well with all the snow. They have their shed but seem to more enjoy being outside. Liberty is showing her usual winter weight loss though and when Tyler gets back they will fix the last stall so she can come in too. She only lets him catch her without a hassle.

The Christmas tree came down today. I have been un-decorating it for a few days but the last of it came off and it came down and is packed away in its box. Now to get one of the guys to put it back in the back closet for me. Bob is so tired after shoveling and plowing all day I am not worrying him about doing it but Tyler should be home tomorrow. He was supposed to come today but he didn't. He should have with a break in the weather and the passes being good. Oh well, at 20 he knows it all you know. I have left his room as is, the last time he went to his parents for a few days I cleaned it up and changed his bed but not this time. He can do it. We love him and are grateful for his being here but sometimes he forgets he is 20 and I am not his maid.

Nothing much else. I put Maggie out for her potty break and watched her and she went right back out toward the road. You would think getting hit less than a week ago she would have learned. Guess not. she will go back on her cable when she is not in the house.

Bob did not ride Rusty, too busy plowing while we had a break. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The snow capital of Washington

Bob was coming out of the barn towards the house. I zoomed him in. On the news tonight (from our itty bitty TV in the kitchen) we have officially at the airport had 63" of snow in the past 12 days or so. And today the wind blew 40 or more miles an hour. We had snowballs blowing across our pasture. I will try to get pictures tomorrow but I just could not take the wind blowing that hard. Bob went down into Deep Creek Canyon to help a friend. He had surgery and when his wife was bringing him home she slid into the ditch trying to get in to their house. Bob plowed clear down Christensen Rd and then then down Deep Creek Rd. to their house, got Heidi unstuck and plowed out their drive and plowed all the way home.
Before that however, it was snowing and Bob and I together got this big idea to drive into Medical Lake to the used book store. Bad idea but we didn't know how bad it was until we crossed highway 2. There were people slid off Brooks Rd. all over the place. We got around some of them but , a big but we came around a big sweeping curve and I don't know how many people were off the road. It was like a big party going on in the middle of the road. Bob was going slow but when he tried to go around the people and trucks etc, he got too close to the edge and slipped right off and we were in the ditch too. We called Justin, our neighbor, and he came to pull us out. It was not too hard but his truck is just like ours - a Dodge Ram and it was embarrassing for Bob. He got us out and then made some money pulling others out, we came home. He came over when we got here and brought his 2 year old little girl Haily for me to watch while he went plowing. We had fun. My but she was busy.
Bob left our barn horses in today. He plans to ride Rusty tomorrow in the deep snow. We will see. I am not convinced it is the thing to do. He read an article in Western Horsemen about a ranch in Wyoming or Colorado, cant remember which, that started all their colts in the deep snow and it was very successful. Just so he wears his helmet. I got him one for Christmas. We had been sharing mine. He has to use one when he rides for the Mounted Search and Rescue. So he has one of his own now.
Our dog Maggie is recovering. She has some sore places and moves slowly but each day is better. She even went to the barn with Bob this evening. The big cut on her leg is almost healed. I have been making her special food and she thinks she is the Queen of the house. Poor little Skeeter says how come. She does lay around most of the time though. I had to watch Haily like a hawk because she usually plays with her when Justin brings her over and I did not want a catastrophe because Haily hurt her. Not that she would mean to but it still could have been bad.
We are surviving without a TV so far. I am still disgusted that it takes them over a week to come repair something that was not our fault. Oh well like goes on...........

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A year ago today...................

A year ago today I was in Deaconess Hospital having had a mild stroke. I was scared and hated all the tests they were doing. Bob never left my side except to go get something to eat. He discovered about l8 hrs. into the hospital visit, when he went to the truck that he had left the keys in it. God took care of it. My purse was in it also. Just had taken my wallet in. He went to get me a book to read and he did and I did. I did not feel sick, just some weird sensations in my right hand and I saw double for a while. I thank God for the brevity of it and the mildness of it. I take more pills because of it to keep another from happening. And I am faithful to take them. I have lost the 20 pounds the doctor told me I should and until the holidays had been pretty faithful with my diet. Now I will get back to it and not keep the cookies and candy around.

I went out and wandered around today. It wasn't so cold. Katie came and rode Abby. They had a good time. She had to have her father drive her out because they won't let her drive on these slippery roads. They were pretty clear but her dad likes to come out too. That is where we went for Christmas.

The horses all looked fine. Dixie gets a black face in the winter. Or mostly black anyway. I asked her how that happened but she didn't answer me. She has big black circles around her eyes. The rest of them just look like furry mammoths.

No picture today. Just my rambling. Bob will pick up Nikki's princess and her parents at the airport tomorrow. It didn't snow today but it is again tomorrow. Oh yeah :(

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My sisters birthday

My sweet sister Sharon. The picture was taken last Easter Sunday when we were in Key West and took a sunset dinner cruise. Today is her birthday. She lives in central Tennessee but is in Mississippi right now visiting her daughter Suzanne and family for the holidays. Have never had any more fun than the week we spent in Key West.

Today I am wondering what else bad is going to happen. Our big dog Maggie went out on the road for a reason known only to her I guess and a speeding car - yes speeding on an ice covered road- hit her. She is very stiff and sore but that seems to be her largest problem. It makes me sick though. Bob is sitting with her in the living room. She is laying on a rug. The guy that was driving didn't even slow down. That is hit and run.

Snow is sliding off of our roof this evening and it sounds like we are being attacked by Godzilla. It is really loud but then it means that Bob does not have to shovel it. I have worried all day about him out shoveling and plowing. His 4x4 truck is stuck, at least it was. I think he got it out. It is nasty out.

Remember The Serenity Room's give away. That is such a peaceful blog. I have not met Barbara but have her daughter Linda and she is a sweet person so her mother must be too. Love all the Horse people blogs and I also love Life In a Cordwood Cabin.

Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26

Snow pictures from around here. I was practicing with my new camera. Bob is shoveling off the roof of the barn. Scares me that at 70 he is out there most of the day. He did the garage and horse shed on Wednesday. The horse is Dixie seeing if the outside horses forgot a piece of hay somewhere. They hadn't. I really should have ridden her today in a break in the snow. The other picture is our hitch rail. Maybe we will get to it by spring anyway.
I was so lazy today. Just could not seem to get moving at all. Feel OK, just had Sit-itis. I did finally get the Christmas Eve mess all cleaned up. The kids had sacked up all the wrapping paper etc but more kept appearing from under the couch, from under the recliner or any place ever it could appear from.
Nothing much else going on here. Have a good evening.................

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

When I opened my gifts I had a nice little camera that I can carry in my pocket. I love my big camera but wanted one I could carry easily. My brother in law LE (Brownie) Brown had done all the adjusting and set it up for me. When I practiced off and on today and then put the card in my printer/copier etc. This is the first picture looking out at me. He is a dear person, sweet and caring. He has looked after my sister so faithfully since her health has declined and I am so grateful. Thank you Brownie for fixing up my camera for me.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with everyone here. We ate until we were stuffed, laughed, the kids played in the snow. Opened gifts. I made the grand kids either empty books or big snuggly pillows. They all seemed to like them. One of Bob's gifts to me was a massage. Can't wait to go have it. It sounds just about perfect. Everything that everyone received was received with enthusiasm and knew that it was given with love. I am so grateful for family.

Today we went into Spokane to some good friends for dinner and games. We spent more time just talking and laughing but the dinner was wonderful and worth waiting for. Katie - their daughter- and owner of her horse Abby which lives at our house- was glad to have us at her house. We have her here so much. It was a different Christmas than we have experienced but a fun day and it was kind of fun to sleep in until I felt like getting up. Don't get to do that too often.

The horses are fine despite nearly 4' of snow. I think 46" at the airport. I wished I had gotten up and gone riding this morning but didn't. I love riding in the snow. I wish we had more stalls. Liberty is looking like she might need some TLC. Bob said when Tyler gets home he will have him help him finish the last stall so she can come in and maybe get some beet pulp. It wouldn't hurt Ditto. With all the babying she gets, she is looking a little down. I don't think her Senior food and special hay is enough. And Pepper is still fat as a toad. I think he could suck air and get fat. LOL

Hope you all had a very blessed Christmas Day. What did you do today?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all................And to all a goodnight.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care:

Well, not by the chimney because we don't have one but they are hung. Nobody fills them but they are hung anyway.

Our grandson, his wife and one of our great grandchildren are coming out from Spokane to spend the night. They hope to get out on a plane in the AM at 6. Bob will take them to the airport at 4:30. They have been trying since Wednesday. If you are reading my daughter Nikki's blog - Life With Boys - He is Thing 2. Actually Joel. they should be here soon or we will be in bed. At least I will.

It has snowed most all day. Sometimes hard, sometimes not. We must go to the store in the morning to get a few things. We were given a gift card to Yokes and I think this is a good time to use it. One thing I want is paper plates. I don't want to be doing dishes off and on all day.

Bob started shoveling roofs today. The horse shelter shed and part of our garage. Its tough for even a guy in good shape at 70. I worry about him although he seems to be doing it OK. He does come in and sit once in a while. He will need to do the barn soon. Sure don't want anything to fall like it did last winter. We use the neighbors place because he is in Wyoming and last winter the loafing shed fell the night they were going to shovel in the next day. It was frustrating. It slides off our metal house roof and off the main part of the barn but the sides need shoveling at the barn.

Am already to celebrate tomorrow. I thought Coreen, our 17 year old granddaughter was coming out today but she called me and her mother had things for her to do. I have enough fudge for us all to gain 10 pounds. But we will have fun. I do have veggies to cut up yet. I probably need to go do that so I don't get rushed in the morning.

Merry Christmas to alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. For my new friends I have met thru blogging and those I have known before and kids who read this - to all of you have a wonderful holiday. I may not get here to write tomorrow. Or maybe I will.

Monday, December 22, 2008

More snow.

Finally got outside with the camera. It is very hard to take pictures with gloves on but I seeded to manages.

The top picture is Buster, Tater and George. I think they wondered what the heck I was doing out there. They had spent the night in their shed together. The second picture is Oliver peeking out from his house. He has had that big dog house since he was little. Every year he dings it up a little more playing. He has a real nest in there. He is getting old but is as playful as ever.
The next picture is Sequoia. He is a sweet old pony. We did not need him but we love him. Every family with grandchildren should have a pony like him. The next picture is from our deck. It looked like a Christmas Card to me.
The last picture is some ice chests Bob didn't get put away after elk hunting. I thought they looked like big marshmallows.
I have the fudge done, talked to one of our granddaughters today and made arrangements to pick her up tomorrow afternoon. She will stay till Christmas Eve is done. I had hoped she would come out today but she is 17 and Grandma and Grandpa are not near as important. I have the neighbors baskets ready for Bob to deliver tomorrow.
I wish Nikki and her family were going to be here for Christmas eve. Its been such a long time since they came at Christmas. I understand her reasoning but once more I would love to have all of them together. I continue to give thanks for the Thanksgiving just before Scott died how we were all together and such a fun day and took lots of pictures. There will never be another day like that. I don't mean to be maudlin but just a Christmas wish that all my kids would be here together. Not this year and I will enjoy every single one that can come.
I put the three horses out today while I was taking pictures. Dixie was so sweet. She just was so glad to see me. She cuddled right up to me when I was putting her halter on. Loved it. Ditto just plodded along. And Pepper wanted to play as usual. He makes it hard to walk beside him when he is skipping along. He knows better too. He doesn't do that with Bob but he wants to. Its cold and crisp and he just wants to have fun.
Are you reading The Serenity Room Blog or Nikki's blog Life With Boys or my sisters - Penny the Neighborhood Dog. They are worth reading.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A better day

Drool all you want. I baked 3 of the kinds today. I have to keep slapping my hands. The Santa Clause on the front of the tray on your left is a result of a cookie cutter that was my mothers. If nothing else I try to do some Santa's from it every year. The cowboy boot on the other sugar cookie tray is just a favorite of mine. I have one more batch to bake tomorrow and then I will make fudge and then just relax, keep the house cleaned up and listen to all the Christmas music I can find.

We are still very sad today but accidents do happen. Sophie was a sweet lovable girl and we will never forget her. I am very thankful that I have Skeeter, my poodle. He has been good to me. Seems to understand that I needed him to be extra kind.

Tyler left for our son Tom's a little bit ago and then he will leave for his parents from there in the AM. He is watching Tom's kids so Tom and Christy can get a seldom night out. Tyler promised me he will go get some minutes for his phone so he has a cell. We loaned him a sleeping bag, I gave him a gallon of water and some cookies. It is not supposed to be good traveling tomorrow but hook or crook this is the way he wanted. He is 20 you know and invincible.

Bob was going to take Joel and Heather to the airport this evening but their flight was cancelled. I don't know when they will get away from here. Not many flights to Seattle got out today.

There won't be any church for us in the AM. Roads will be awful if it snows like they say. Will have our own time of meditation and prayer and lighting the third candle of our advent wreath. God bless you all.

Oh, like my new looking blog. Tell Nikki thanks. She did it for me. Her blog is Life With Boys. And the Serenity Room is still an awesome blog. She is having a neat give away.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Goodby Sweet Sophie

October 1998 to December 2008
Today my sweet Sophie ran under the wheels of Bob's truck. He heard her and ran and picked her up and she died in his arms. We are devastated. She has slept with us on our bed every night since she was 8 weeks old. Bob is hurting and I am still crying. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I think we might be snowed in

My centerpiece on the dining room table that a week ago was covered with sewing machine, wrapping paper, fabric and other assorted stuff. I won the centerpiece at our Backcountry Horsemen Club meeting. It looks festive.

The horses were in good moods today. when Tyler put Pepper out, the snow is almost to his belly. He just trotted thru it like it was fun. Dixie wanted to play and Ditto wanted to stay in. But, she had to go out. It does not hurt her to go out for the day. She could get under shelter out there but stays in the open. Shes just a sometimes crotchety old lady. But I love her anyway.

I frosted my sugar cookies today. And went to buy groceries so I can do some more tomorrow. My sister and my cousin asked me to bake theirs but I laughed at them. I have enough trouble getting what I have done. Oh well. I got the stuff for fudge too. Now, if I can just not eat half of it. Dr. Fuhs will like it if I don't. He is my cardiologist. and , Dr. Hansen will like it too. He is my family doctor and when I went in for my last check and had lost 20 pounds and he asked me why I had lost so much weight. I just looked blankly at him and told him "You told me too" but he said to me"No one ever does what I tell them" I don't want to gain it back.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow and more snow

Rusty has a place to get out of it, but she had been in the round pen until I showed up and she went to the pen. Then I went over to the other horses and was going to get some pictures of them, they all looked the same as Rusty but the battery in my camera went dead so no pictures of the pathetic looking critters. They had shelter too but instead they stood out in the snow. Yuma yelled at me wanting food. It was 1 in the afternoon. No supper yet.

I baked half of the sugar cookies today. Will do the rest of them tomorrow and I baked snicker doodles too. I put them in a secret place. I also baked 2 more loaves of zucchini bread. Tyler keeps telling me its almost as good as his mothers but not quite. I need to go get groceries tomorrow to finish cookies and to make some fudge. I guess I did not plan very well. I did not want to go this evening.

We have about 15 inches of fresh snow and we are having a heat wave. It is 14 degrees. The snow is really light and fluffy. From the looks on the news downtown Spokane was in a deadlock. All the roads leading from town are up hills unless you are going to the valley. Even north division was closed because a milk truck got stuck. I am glad we are out in the country and did not have to go anywhere.

Remember the Serenity Room blog that I mentioned yesterday. She is having another give away and I get extra entries for mentioning it. I love that blog even if I don't win. AND, Andrea your prize got here and we had pancakes and eggs for dinner last night. It was wonderful. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pepper has a new best friend.

I meant for the pictures to be in opposite order but OH well. I know there is a way to put them with what I write but don't know how. I need a computer guru to walk me thru it. I don't do from directions very well. Need to do it.
Pepper has a new very best friend. It is Bubba. I am glad its going to be a while till Bubba goes to freezer camp. We about split laughing at them. The hot wire obviously was not working. They stood there like that until we put him in the barn with the 2 mares. Maybe that is why we have never been able to chase cows on him. He just won't do it. I tried to move some bulls on him once and he just walked up to them and stood there and the bulls just stood there. LOL.
The top picture is our Maggie. She is a happy dog. We put her on a cable at night or if we leave but the rest of the time she has the run of the place. When it turned so cold we tried putting her in the barn. There are lots of places for her to curl up in and be comfortable, BUT she dug out the first 2 nights we tried it and went to her igloo up by the house so we just put her on the cable now and let her be where she wants to be. She has a good bed in there. We are afraid the coyotes will cause her to go looking away from here at night so we cable her.
The other picture is a fluffy quail sitting on the gate to next door. When we used to have the chickens free range and fed them outside the barn on the ground, they came and ate with the chickens. When we penned the chickens up because something was eating them they quit coming around. Also we have more barn cats at the moment. People keep dumping pregnant cats off out here. Some survive, some don't. We feed them but don't baby them like Trouble our house kitty.
My living room is now all spic and span and decorated for the holidays. I am done sewing and crafting until after New years. Then I have a quilt top to sew. Have a granddaughter waiting for hers.
One of our grandsons from in town was supposed to come out and stay for a couple of days but his mom didn't bring him. He needs to spend some time with his grandpa. He is nearly 13 and boys that age need a man sometimes. Will talk to his mom in the morning.
If you don't read Serenity Room blog, you should. She is so inspirational. I read several blogs but that one is high on my list.
A long day, still cold, and Christmas is getting close. Love the season despite all my whining earlier in the month. As I sit here at the computer, it is -2. More snow predicted for tomorrow. With this cold weather snow is a good insulator though and will help things out. At least that is what Bob told me. My masked marvel from yesterday.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.........

I caught my favorite guy just before he started peeling off the layers. I am so grateful that he can go out and do things so I don't have to.

Tomorrow will start cookie baking. I will bake sugar cookies first. I think I will probably will frost them myself. My cookie decorators live in Marysville. Isaac and Lane frost cookies good. They won't be here this holiday. Actually, we usually go there but not this year. We just did not feel like we wanted to travel this year.

This evening we went in to Ryan's band concert. He is in the 6Th grade and plays the trombone. The orchestra played too. You haven't lived until you have sat thru 5Th. graders and 6Th. graders playing violins. LOL. The 6Th. grade band was not so off key but did well. Ryan plays well, I guess, a trombone is not a solo instrument. Just his little cheeks puffing out. And guess what I did? I forgot my camera. Ryan is the straight A boy. He made a deal with his dad that if he got straight A's he could wear his hair like he wanted. It really looks awful hanging in his face but he got the grades to do it.

So my day was not the most energetic, woke up with a headache that did not entirely leave all day. Bob had an appointment this AM then he came home and wondered why the laundry wasn't all done yet. Grrrrrrrrr. Did I say he was my favorite......well he is but sometimes I wonder.....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

2nd Sunday of Advent

The Advent Wreath with 2 candles lit. The cupboard it is sitting on is a cherry wood cabinet that belonged originally to Bob's grandparents. Its a beautiful piece of furniture. It has a mirror in the middle behind the wreath.

What a nasty cold day. Well maybe not as nasty as yesterday but colder. We went to Walmart after church and I though my face was going to freeze between the car and the store. Its the wind. Not as bad as earlier but ANY is too much when the temperature is 0. It was -4 when we went to church thru Airway Heights this morning and according to the weatherman it is supposed to be colder tonight. Bob is doing the outdoor chores. I didn't even go out to help him this evening.

My sister has just begun writing a blog. It is called The Life and Times of Penny the Neighborhood dog. Its about their chocolate lab Penny. Go read it. She had trepidation about putting it on Blogspot. She was afraid it would mess her computer up. I told her it wouldn't. Sharon is much smarter on the computer than I am but I wanted her to put it on Blogspot rather than on My Space. I don't go there but rarely. She has been asked to write it and submit it to their newspaper. Hope she does. She has a real sense of humor and is able to put it down on paper (here). She took our mother to Key West, Florida a lot of years ago and her diary of their trip is a riot. Wish she would have it published. More - I hope she still has it. It was in the hippy era and poor mother, I am sure she was horrified. I was with mother in New Orleans once and I thought she was going to pass out on me. She clutched her purse to her chest and wanted out of the French Quarter. A funny memory.

Now that I have meandered around, the animals are doing well. The horses have heaters as do the cows. Heaters in the water I mean. Bob is carrying hot water to the chickens and goat 3x a day. He fed everything extra this evening.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

First day of snow

Our first snow of this winter. Certainly not what they predicted and I am sorry I cancelled the party although it is very cold. 14 degrees at the moment at Fairchild and the wind is blowing about 25 MPH which makes it somewhere around -20. I am glad I don't have to go outside any more.

I did go help Bob with the chores tonight. I need new gloves. I put them on my Santa list. I was not cold except my hands and my cheeks. The horses have a good shelter to get out of the wind. They were running around doing their Arabian impersonation. Tails and manes flying. Ditto sailed out thru the gate. None of that playing around for the old lady. Dixie and Pepper had to run around when they came out of the gate. I yelled at them a couple of times and they thought I might throw something at them so they trotted obediently into the barn and into their stalls. We fed extra hay to the pasture horses and Rusty tonight. The wind is so bitter.

We put Maggie our big dog into the barn for the night. She has a dog house in the back yard but it faces north and we were afraid she would get cold. She does not like to be in the house at night. She goes to the barn to sleep when she gets loose and their is hay for her to burrow down in.

Am finishing up a few things and then I can devote all next week to baking/fudge making etc. I did bake the zucchini bread yesterday and put one loaf in the freezer so it will be around. The loaf I left out is gone. I did not eat it all either.

I lay my clothes out for church but Bob will have to be sure the car will start before I get dressed in the AM. Really want to go if we can. Ken Gaub is speaking. He is a very funny Evangelist.

Friday, December 12, 2008

12 Grandchildren

12 smiling grandchildren but there are five more. The top row are l to r - Dustin, Joel, Tyler, Bryant, Lane and Isaac. The belong to Nikki our oldest daughter. She also has a step son that she mostly raised Christopher. The second row are Ryan, Seth and Sheya. They belong to our youngest son Tom. The bottom row is Nicolette, Skyelor and Jadeyn. They belong to our youngest daughter Christyn. Our second son Scott (deceased) has 2 children Coreen and Robby and our oldest son Steve has 2 children, Artie and Deanna. Christopher, Joel and Deanna are parents of our Great grandchildren and Robby will be a daddy in Feb. The family grows. and grows.

So my song goes: (remember the tune now) On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me One Christmas Cactus bloom, two puppies playing, 3horses hanging, 4 stuffed horses, 5 colorful cowboy boots........6 horses eating, 7 baseball caps, 8 horse ornaments, 9 empty baskets, 10 Santa Clauses, 11 presents waiting and 12 grandchildren: That was kind of fun. For me anyway.

Well the snow is upon us and upon and upon. It has been snowing since about 10 this morning. I don't know how much is out there but everything is white. I will say it is kind of pretty. The heaviest snow is predicted for tonight and tomorrow along with wind. They say blizzard conditions. I did cancel the Christmas party for tomorrow night. The roads should be awful. Even if it was at my house, I was worried about my friends driving. Andrea had already said she could not drive up. She lives down in the Palouse. Maybe come February we will have an UnChristmas Party.

Bob went down to feed and all the horses were under the shelter except Ditto. She is low man and they had her out in the snow. Poor old girl. She got put in right away. When Tyler went down to the barn to do the morning chores, good old Dixie had gotten her stall open and had a good time. She got into the cat food but didn't eat any, just nosed it around but she did eat about half a bale of hay. So she got put in her stall with her vitamins and nothing more. Oh was she mad. Bob did not give her grain tonight either, just some grass hay and her vitamins. Naughty naughty girl. He put a small chain on the gate so Ms Lips can not get it open.

Tyler worked down at the neighbors today and got really cold. He was putting up a shelter for her goats. The big ole boy goat knocked it all down. I sent him to a warm bath when he came in.

I baked Zucchini bread today. Now if I just can not eat it all...................

Steens Mt Horses

Thursday, December 11, 2008

11 presents

11 presents waiting.......................I am not a fancy wrapper. Am trying to do better this year. I am out of paper and have 4 to wrap so I am trying to be creative. I have some rolls of wallpaper that I got at a yard sale and am using them. Different but who cares.

Bob got home today. All those days and they saw one elk a mile away. A guy who lives up there told Bob they had not seen elk in there since last March and there were cougars. They came home. No use hunting when there are none there. They were on the other side of the mountain I guess.

Bob did the chores this evening and Rusty came right up to him and put her nose on him. I told her "Traitor". I had made progress. But with the weather that is predicted, I am glad he is here to do it.

Got a lot done today surprisingly. Had a hard time motivating myself to do much today. Will do the floors tomorrow. Maybe. Bob has a doctor appointment at 8 in the AM with the L & I doctors about his leg and eye. Both seem OK and he is not looking for a settlement but he has nothing to say about it at this point. Tyler has a job with the neighbor again tomorrow. He makes pretty good when he works.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some smiling Santas

Well they aren't all smiling but they should be. As you would guess, I collect Santa's. I always look forward to getting them out and setting them on the window sills in the living room.

I already wrote this once but it would not post and when I found it it would only print the part about the Santa's. Sooooooooooooooooo I am trying to remember all I said 45 minutes ago. That might be hard........LOL

On Barbara's blog The Serenity Room she listed a blog called Life in a Cordwood Cabin. It is a sweet blog and she is having a give away. All you have to do is comment and so I did. It is a sweet giveaway. I don't win, well I can't say that because I did win on Andrea's Mustang Saga. That was a surprise. I might have a giveaway in January when everyone has the after Christmas blahs. It will take me that long to figure out what to give away.

Also was sent another blog by my cousin Joy. It is It is interesting. His name is Bob (there are lots of them) and he is driving a 4 up hitch of Percheron's across the country. He doesn't know where he is going or when he will get there. I did not have time to go over it all but it sure does look like fun. I would want to be in south Florida this time of the year though.

Rusty came right up to me and ate out of my hand this morning when I did chores. She was glad to see me. I did not try to touch her but that will come. Tyler did the chores this evening so I did not have to go out. It is so good to have her acting like I am not going to eat her for lunch.

Linda, I would love to come over and meet Beautiful and to look at your pony. She sounds like she really needs to have quality time spent with her. Why would I mind the mud and muck. That is what we have here too. It was very fun to meet you and no I had never been to Chaps before but am sure I will again. They serve lunch don't they? Have a friend I meet for lunch occasionally and we always end up going to the Casino to eat but I think I will suggest that sweet looking place next time.

I finished my sewing today. Now tomorrow I wrap and get my sister and her family box on its way to Mississippi. That is where they all will be. Its a big box but not heavy. Then I can get the house ready for our Mustang Horse Club party on Sat. evening. I hope the weather doesn't scare people away. Don't want anyone hurt though. Then next week I can mess it all up again with baking and filling baskets and so on.

When I talked to Bob today I told he I thought he should come home. I don't want them snowed in up in the mountains. He is in the Clockum mountains. I don't care if he gets an elk anyway. He told me he didn't think he would go that far again but we will see..........I just am worried about the roads and if it really gets that cold, it will be difficult to keep water clear even with heaters and it will be a hard thing to do. He is driving a four wheel drive truck but he is pulling a 28' trailer.

Gonzaga won big again tonight. I love GU basketball but had mixed feelings because my roots are at WSU.

Now if this posts we will all be happy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Empty Baskets

Nine empty baskets just waiting to be filled with some kinds of Christmas goodies. I will bake next week, and make fudge and all the good stuff that will be the downfall of my hard fought weight loss. I fill the baskets and Bob takes them to the neighbors for me. Love doing that and I think the neighbors love to see him coming.

I had a delightful morning with Linda and some of her friends. We had coffee (well I had juice) at Chaps. What a nice little place. It was fun to meet Linda face to face and to meet other new friends. All are "horsey" people. Thanks you Linda for inviting me.

Almost finished my shopping this afternoon. Not quite. But almost. I need to go back to Pier One because I forgot something, and I need to find what I know Tom wants in my price range and to think of something for a son in law. I knew what I wanted to get him for his birthday but my mind is blank now. Come on brain kick in.

This evening I had a break through with Rusty. YAHOOOOOOO. When I took her hay in to her this evening she came right up to me. I held out some hay to her and she took it. I did not try to touch her, I just talked to her. I was so proud of her. I would have taken a hold of her halter if I had not put her hay in her feeder. We try not to interfere when we feed them. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe she thinks if I am going to feed her she had better be nice to me.

Monday, December 8, 2008

8 ornaments

8 Horse Ornaments.................That I made. I made them several years ago as a give away at a party we hosted. I think they are cute if I do say so.
Finished the tree mostly. Tyler put the new lights on the top half last night so I could decorate it today. Almost am finished sewing too so things are coming along. Tomorrow late morning I am going to try to about finish my shopping. Need to sit down a make a list though or I will forget something.
The rest of the day was same ole, same ole. A grey foggy day but I won't whine about it. The new frig for our trailer got here and it was not damaged. The first one was. Tyler went over it and signed for it. His brother is coming out tomorrow to help him put it in the garage. No one is going to steal it but it will be better in there. The box around it won't disintegrate either.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


A seven baseball caps - and yes they are all mine. I have several more. I wore them a lot when my hair was longer and I put my hair thru the back. Love them.

Had a very nice time at our Christmas party last night. The food was delicious and the company was fun. There are some that drink in excess and last night was no exception but they don't get ugly, just funny. At least they think they are. The slide show of this last year was fun to watch. We even made it into a couple of the pictures. Bernie does such a nice job. For those who saw the picture of Sierra and me, he took those pictures.

I went with Katie right after church this morning to a large tack sale of show stuff out in Greenacres. I think most of their things were vastly overpriced but they were nice things. Katie bought a show shirt. It will be very pretty on her with black chaps, a black hat and boots. It is very blingy and 3 shades of pink/Burgundy. On her black horse she will look very professional. Then we went to Corrall West and shopped. I hate it that they are going out of business. I got Bob a 30.00 shirt 60% off and a pair of warm gloves for the same percent off. I would have loved to have spend a lot there. Tyler needs boots, I could use a shirt, but this is not the time of year to spend money on myself. And, I made Tyler a quilt. (shhhhhhhhhh Nikki don't you dare tell). Then Doug and Judy - Katie's parents - met us and kidnapped Katie to go to Couer'D Alene shopping and then so see the lights. I almost invited myself along but.........didn't.

Bob left this morning for another elk hunting adventure. He says he is not going away like this next year but we will see. I hate having him gone but I know he enjoys it. The new frig for our trailer arrived but had been damaged so they sent it back. So they don't have that again this time. It will probably be after Christmas when it arrives again. We won't be using it until probably March anyway. His friend Don is going to help him put it in.

Thank you Andrea. I won her drawing. Can't wait to see it. I don't win things ordinarily.

Only 5 more days and my silly song will be over. Then who knows. We lit our first advent candle today. I thought last Sunday was it, but was wrong. So I lit the first one again and sang Joy to the World all by myself. Well not here by myself. Skeeter, Sophie (my old Shtzu) and Trouble the cat sat and watched me. Am almost done with my sewing and a couple of other little things and then I can clean up my mess and decorate the dining room table. I won a table/candle wreath last night and am anxious to put it out.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Six Horses eating - well ones a donkey but who cares. There are six eating. From the top down is Rosie my driving pony and kids pony and whatever I ask of her, Then is Yuma - our donkey. He is just a pasture pet and loves attention. Next is Sequoia who is for sale and is a wonderful kids pony. He gets ridden by a lot of kids and had been used for lessons. Next is Abby - Katie's horse. Liberty is next and loves attention then is Raven who will halter herself if you would let her when you go in the pasture. She thrives on attention. She is Bob's main riding horse. Pepper, Dixie and Ditto live in the barn at night. Pepper because he is a glutton and chases everyone else off and gets way fat. Dixie because she is not an easy keeper and need to watch that she gets extras of some things, and Ditto because she is the Grand Dame of the place and just gets to be in because she is Ditto.

I am writing early today. We have a very busy day ahead of us and our Back country Christmas party this evening. So you got me early........Hope your day is wonderful.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Five Cowboy Boots.........

And five colorful cowboy boots..................Yes they are all mine. All Ariat Fatbabies. And I will sell them. they are size 8 and hardly worn.

I wish I knew how to get the pictures where I want them. So, until someone can show me and walk me thru it, please just go with me on this. The top picture is our grandson Seth who got a certificate for being a Kid of Character. He just missed the honor roll but this is an important award as far as this Grandma is concerned. Then the next picture is of Ryan who got the only straight A's in the 6Th. grade the first trimester. AND he got a Kid of Character award also. A couple of really great boys. The next picture is a banner in the gym. I think the children in that school have a head start.
Of course the next one is my boots. All five pair of them. I got them to work but will part with them to put into my Mississippi fund. The are not the best for riding. At least I don't think so. I ride in some all terrain boots that I ride in. When we are in the back country and need to walk some times, they work the best for me.
I talked to one of our grandsons today that for whatever reason, I had not talked to in over a year. He lives in Spokane. He is the son of our son that died - Scott. I was heartbroken so this really boosted my spirits today. He is having some struggles growing into a man and having some responsibilities before he should.
We were supposed to have sun today but it rained and sleeted and tonight it is freezing rain. I would rather have snow than that. We got our meat today. This should do us a long time. We sold the other half. We will have one ready in January or Feb. if anyone is interested. Call Bob on his cell 280-7796 to talk to him about it. Good meat with no chemicals or hormones in it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The fourth day.................

Four stuffed horses sitting.................Couldn't find anything outside to warrant my song. Then, I just thought it was a funny holiday song and after I googled it today, Each of the things refer to something spiritual and it was supposed to go from Christmas Day to Epiphany. I didn't mean anything disrespectful. Just got this funny idea for a funny parody.

Had lunch with a friend today at the Casino. The lunch prices have gone up 2.00 so I imagine the dinner prices have too. The food is good but for lunch I would rather have a bowl of soup and some bread. We had a good visit and decided who was going to get the Sportsmanship Award for the NEZ. That is our designated job. No one nominated anyone so we decided ourselves.

Had discussions of a lot of things but one of them really troubled me. I said I needed to go have my Christmas letter copied and she said she does not send cards, does not put up a tree, does not decorate nor does she buy any presents. She sends her grandchildren money. She said she hates Christmas. (not religious grounds). Just hates it. It brought tears to my eyes. My sister does not like Christmas at all. They much prefer to just go away by themselves with no family or friends around. I don't get it. It is a Holy time of the year. I want family and friends. I get tired of doing all the cooking but the alternative is to not have them and that would absolutely break my heart. She says it is depressing. I think its sad..... Sorry Sharon, I know you read this. Just can't wait, the closer it gets.

I had two calls from Tracey. One she got down there last night and was very tired and one this evening just before they went to dinner to tell me she knew which horse she was going to get. He is a large 15h2 solid bay gelding and she thinks he is beautiful. Last year when she got Sandy she called me and told me he was the ugliest horse in the pen. Made me laugh. She is happy with her Challenge horse this time and was going to dinner with some other people who were there - trainers, Ramona Bishop from the BLM and other contestants I think.

Nothing much going on around here. Its cold. The horses all look like woolly mammoths out there. All but Ditto. She never fuzzes up much. And she is old and I put a blanket on her when it gets below 25.

The NFR starts tonight on one of the ESPN channels. Always with I could go. I would want to go every night though so would have to win the lottery just to attend and to stay in a hotel. Oh well, to win you have to buy a ticket. LOL

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Third Day.......................

Three horses my dining room window. The sun shone through them today and they looked especially pretty.

I went in and got my meds today. Hate taking so many but.......a stroke, even a small one, makes me leery of not taking them. It was sticker shock because our Medicare supplement only pays so much in a year and I hit it last month. I had a slight case of hysteria but finally wrote the check. It makes me sad that I have to take so many expensive ones and Bob takes nothing, just vitamins. He told me he would rather have me than the money but it hurts my heart. Enough of my whining about one thing or the other. Its the season to be jolly and I am going to be no matter what.

Bob and Tyler got the last of the barn that fell down at Bill's next door last winter all cleaned up and hauled off. It seems that they would get sidetracked everywhere else and they told Bill they would do it. They live in Wyoming now and we use their property and did use that part of the barn for the cows but not now obviously. We watch the house and Bob goes in about once a month to make sure all is OK. I wish we could afford to make him an offer on it.

I probably shouldn't have written anything today, but the sun shone and I got a lesson in humility at Walmart today. I was feeling bad, depressed really about the cost of the medicine that I really must have and had gotten a few groceries - still forgot potatoes - and pushed the cart out to the car put my stuff in and was moping my way back to the car. A little older lady who could hardly walk was wrestling her empty shopping cart. I took it and told her I would put it away from her and the Lord poked me in the ribs and said see you can walk. Cheer up. I have tried all the rest of the day. I can walk, I can run if need be, I can do a lot of physical things. Not every one at 70 can go saddle their horse get on and ride. So .......buck up old lady.

Am already thinking four. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I like my song better as it materializes before my eyes.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Second Day of Christmas

2 puppies playing..........................My version of the song. That is Skeeter and Bolt on my bed. Why did I put a white bedspread on? Not too bright huh? Oh well, it washes and they had fun.

I LONG for a sunny day. I get so down in the dumps with it this way. Hate it but can't seem to get on top of it. I love this time of year and its a struggle every year to keep a smile upon my face. I did get back to sewing today and got two more of what I am making done. Have a third one almost done. Would tell you but people read this that I don't want them to know what it is.

My good friend Tracey leaves tomorrow for Burns Oregon to pick up her Extreme Mustang Challenge horse for this newest of challenges. It will be in Albany, Oregon in March. That means she will have to gentle the horse and do all the training she can in 90 days. She did it last year also and then brought Sandy home to stay. You have that option, bring home with the adoption fees waived, or put the horse up for adoption and recoup some of what you have spent. I am planning to go to Albany to see her exhibit her horse. At least at this moment I am and it would give me another chance to see my uncle in Tigard, Oregon. Maybe if I justify it that way Bob will go with me. OR maybe someone from here is going and we can carpool and share expenses. That is a way off though.

Tomorrow I asked Tyler to get the Christmas tree box out. Don't know if I will put it up or not, I know it won't get decorated but want to see if the space I have allocated is large enough. I love our tree, it is just the right size and the lights are attached. That is the part that always made decorating the tree irritating to me.

And Joy, I do not have a green thumb. My Christmas Cactus always bloomed at Easter which I thought was odd and told it so. Last year it bloomed at Christmas and I was shocked. And I was again this year when I saw all the buds on it. It pretty much gets ignored the rest of the year. I water when I think of it. I think I will re-pot it when its done this time. Unless I shouldn't, I don't know. It looks too big for the pot. I usually kill plants quicker than you can snap your fingers. I had an ivy that I really babied and tended to the best of my ability. It was kind of a sentimental plant, someone sent it to me when Scott died and last summer, it died. Dead as a doornail. So no green thumb, just incredible luck.

Found a blog of a friend I met in Odessa in April on Beautiful Mustang's blog. Debby has a mustang named Wendy. We had fun riding that weekend. That was fun.

I will have to think of 3 things tomorrow to add to my silly song.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The First Day of Christmas

My Christmas Cactus is blooming. It is totally covered with buds. It looks like Christmas Day it should be in full bloom.

A long day but accomplished a bit around here. Tomorrow, I must, I MUST get back to sewing. I did a little shopping this morning. Went to Walmart in Airway Heights before it got crowded. I needed some wrapping paper, envelopes and such. Bob had a meeting in Deer Park this afternoon and Tyler was job hunting. Now he is babysitting for Christy till Tom gets home.

I am getting really tired of this fog. When it lifted a little today it was still very grey and dismal. I had to take myself by the neck and make me go do the chores. The barn horses were happy to see me. And Rusty always runs to the other side of the pen when I go in with her. She doesn't do that for Bob. We must get her pen moved to a higher place. That mud is driving me nuts. She can get to the round pen and that isn't muddy so she spends a lot of time out there.

Not much else happening.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunless Sunday

This is how Bob spent the afternoon. He helped our neighbor Shannon halter break her 17h mule. It was a sight. The mule got drug, threw tantrums but at the end of the hour he was walking along. He is really young - 2/3 I think. I did not ride. It was just too damp and foggy and I spent the day just piddling around. Cleaned my kitchen stove etc.

I am going to post here something by Baxter Black that I found in the November Horse Previews. It is a little long but worth reading.


Robin's uncle gave her 2 dozen tamales. "That's too many" she protest.

"No, I've got plenty," he said "I bought 14 dozen from my neighbor's wife. Her husband's out of work"

Let's put our economic breakdown in perspective. Out of generosity and/or greed on both ends, we created the perfect tsunami of debt that has now come due. The tsunami tide is now going out and taking much of our accumulated wealth with it. It is rapidly becoming clear that the president and Congress cannot solve the problem. Therefore it is up to us to save ourselves. How? By taking responsibility for our own well-being and our own actions

Step one is to avoid spending another self-destructive though trying to point fingers and cast blame. At this point it doesn't matter to anyone except politicians and commentators.

Step two, turn off the television news.

Step three, reach out.

Together we need to find a new level of economic stability. At a personnel level, as a family, as a business, as a community, as a country. Some will be starting at the bottom, others further up the line. Reach out as an individual, as a family member, a neighbor, an employee, an employer or as a friend. Start each conversation with "How's it going? How can I help?"

For your own sanity, if you're in the limbo of loss, home, money, job.....go mow a neighbor's lawn, wash his car, fix her screen door. Keep your hands and heart and mind busy. Make your time beneficial to others. You won't be surprised to find how healing it is to brighten someones day.

Be part of something good. Start going to church again, help coach kid's sports, join the Lion's Club or Rotarian's. Babysit for someone, tutor a hard luck child.

Be thrifty but invest in your local economy as you are able. Buy Girl Scout cookies, don't abandon your contributions to missionaries, helping the downtrodden, don't discontinue funding needed scholarships, buying 4H pigs or helping the Red Cross. Keep tipping the waitress. Pass it along.

And while you are doing all that, fine tune your business big or little, feed store or farm, boss of maintenance man. Put in more hours. Work more efficiently. Get your mind right. Pull your share of the load. Put your fear in God's hands and pick up a shovel. The confidence we have lost in our politicians must be reinvested in ourselves.

Because we, you and I and Robin's uncle ARE America. We are expected to do the right thing, at home and abroad. Which is why, even in spite of our calamity, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, legal and illegal, continue to flood our borders seeking a better life. They have faith in our future. I have no doubt we will live up to it.

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1. Or....... in a nutshell, think positive.

This just struck my heart. Baxter Black usually is funny.

I did the chores this evening while Bob was our helping an older lady from church with a problem with a drain line. She is Grandma Jean to everyone. She sent a bag of peanut butter cookies to me. Now I HAVE to go eat them.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am sad

Today being the foggy grey, drizzly day that it was, Bob said lets go down to the horse sale to see how things are on that front. Like the silly about horses that I am, I said sure. So we -meaning he Tyler and I went to Davenport about one or one thirty. Got there just as it started. There were a few really nice riding horses that went for around the 800.00 mark. Some in the 500.00 and down. There was a Shetland/draft pony I would have loved. He was a pinto and big enough that I could have ridden him. And he seemed to have a sweet disposition. The only other horse I really would have liked was a 2 year old palomino filly who hurt herself in the trailer coming - all superficial and would have healed but was so scared and bloody. I think she went for 150.00. THEN came the loose horses and they went for 10.00 to 150.00. I had to leave because the buyers were buying them and some had papers, most were young. None were thin or abused looking, I just knew who was buying them. I went out to the car and read the Horse Previews that was laying there. Just could not sit there or I would have embarrassed myself sobbing.

We got home and Tyler went to town to his brothers. Probably won't be back tonight because it is so foggy. Bob and I did the chores. Dixie, Ditto, and Pepper get put in. They stand at the gate telling us to hurry up. I had to pet and kiss them and get a good hug on them. Bob has been changing some fences and added on to the shed he and Tyler built this summer. I might ride Pepper tomorrow. Dixie is so full of vim and vigor I think I might just let her be.

Katie didn't come again today. That's OK. She is an inexperienced driver and I worry about her. She would take exception to that but you remember when you were 17 and driving for a year. You knew it all. Well she is no different.

Just listened to the Cougars lose their first basketball game. :(. Gonzaga plays tomorrow. I can curl up and watch it after I ride when we get home from church.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Let it Snow

Well, not really. However this little guy, the newest addition to our household thinks it snowed just for him. He belongs to Tyler and weighs all of 2 1/2 pounds. His name is Bolt. He is entertaining.

I woke up with a ghastly headache. Got up ate and took Tylenol and crawled back in. Slept a while and got up and have been just hunky dory. However I stayed in the house until this evening when we had to go to the store. I would not have gone shopping for anything this morning. Nothing I needed that bad. That would have been the case even if I had awoken with no headache.

A very lazy day otherwise. I should have got the sewing back out but that will have to come tomorrow. I watched Gonzaga play Maryland and win today and then turned on the WSU game and listened to the last 3 minutes. They won too. So sports wise, it was a successful day.

I should have taken a picture of the snow but didn't, and they say it will rain tomorrow.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Before carving. No leftovers though of anything. I wanted turkey sandwiches tomorrow. May have enough for one sandwhich. I guessed too close I guess. Tom and Chrissy bought the pies and there are some of them left. Guess I will just have to eat them.

Our son Tom and his three children came = Ryan, Seth, and Sheya. Our daughter Christyn came with her partner Wendy and her three children Nikki, Skyelor and Jadeyn. Our son Steve came too. Daughters in law Debbie and Christy had to work. They both work for AT&T in Customer Service. Debbie works from 4 AM to noon and Christy works from midnight to 10. Both are ghastly hours but for now they are thankful for their jobs. Steve has not worked since April or May and then broke his leg in a serious break on Fathers Day and just now can look again and Tom is the only one working on his shift. Just him and the boss. So both girls put up with it. Christy has a degree in accounting and she graduated with a 3.9 gpa and could not find a job in her field.

Our first snow today. Not much, just a skiff but enough to know we had snow. It was kind of fun to look out the dining room window with the snowflakes gently falling. Tyler went into his brothers this evening. Told him to drive careful and he said he always does. He is better than some and he drove all last winter. I just worry about him.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving
May your barns be filled with good horses
You homes blessed with peace job and abundance from the Lord above
May our Lord bless you with His good gifts throughout the year.
Cooked the sweet potatoes to candy in the morning and made sure the sacks of stuff were out of the turkey and washed it and got it ready to stuff in the morning. I just remembered I don't have celery. Quandary - do I go to the store now or pretend and don't use it. Oh well, I will have to think on that one. I made the other batch of cranberry/orange dressing and got that in the frig. I got the mess cleaned up in the dining room mostly. Before I go to bed will sweep the floor again to make sure I did not miss a glob of something and put the table cloth on. I put all the Christmas stuff away and I will throttle a grandchild (or child) that goes snooping.
That was the sum and total of my day. Katie came out but she is still peeved at me. She will need to get over it. I don't think she rode though. And she did help Bob with the chores. For that I was glad. He and Tyler built fence today. They are moving things around so the horses are out of the mud. I don't think he did much with Rusty today. Tyler did work with Liberty today though. She would like him to believe that she has forgotten all she knew. I don't believe her.
The grand kids will want to ride tomorrow so I hope its a nice day. Sheya in particular.
I would like to tell you the little intro was mine but it came today from the Mustang Heritage Foundation. All who read this, have a wonderful day with families and friends. What would we do without either of them.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


No picture today. I am tuckered plumb out and I don't think I went outside at all today. I spent the day cleaning up my sewing mess in the dining room so we can get back to using it for a dining table. I put things away carefully because it will have to come back out on Friday. I am not finished yet.

Then I made cranberry/orange relish so it could sit in the fridge until Thursday. It smells so good. And I made dinner roles today too. I hope there are still some left on Thursday. They smelled so good when I took them from the oven. Tyler ambled into the kitchen to see what smelled so good.

Steve was here by 8:30 to take all the measurements he needs for our new front porch. It is not what I wanted at all but he and Bob agree on it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I told him if it was ugly I would tear it down. That wasn't nice was it.

So besides the usual things like dishes and such that was my day. Tomorrow should be better.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Its Monday and Tyler appeared

This is my Mississippi pig. I want really really bad to go to Grenada, Mississippi in the early summer and Bob told me we could not afford it and if I wanted to go I would have to find the money. I dug around and found this pig and put him on the kitchen counter. I expect everyone to put their loose change in. LOL. I think I have 75 cents in it as of today. Bob suggested I hitch Rosie to my four wheel cart and drive her there. I said I did not think so. Then he suggested I ride Dixie. Noooooooooooooo I don't think I want to do that either. I will have to find a way to make some money. I want to drive.
Katie left mad today and I am sorry but she needs to learn to take criticism. Abby was naughty but she is a good enough rider to have done a one reign stop and gotten control instead of bailing off. She wants to ride Pepper and I tell her no she has a horse of her own. Usually. She was not going to get back on but Bob did insist that she do just that. I get so tired of her whining about her. She is the one who wanted that horse. She is the most timid rider. She wants a well broke horse than never wobbles but she doesn't want to do the work to get her there. She has Bob wrapped around her little finger but I just won't give in to her. She won't learn any other way.
He thinks I am too hard on her. LOL (as I grit my teeth)
My young friend Anita had her fourth boy over the weekend. Eli Graceson is welcomed by his brothers Ian, Lee, and Dru. Welcome Eli.
Tyler pulled in here this afternoon with his little black furball Bolt. He is a cutie. Skeeter wants to play but he wants Tyler to hold him. He spent last night at his brothers in Spokane - Joel. He brought some things to them. We are glad to have him back.
Steve is coming out tomorrow to start on our new front porch. We will see how that goes. I have my ideas on paper for some time and we will see what Steven says. For those that don't know, Steven is our oldest son. He will be 50 in February and that makes me feel exceedingly OLD.
If he is done by noon we will go back over and see Jenn and Riley and see if we can do any more to help her. If not it will be next week. She does have a trainer coming on Wednesday that the BLM called for her. I don't think she has done much since we were there. I don't know if she is afraid or is about to give up. Makes me wonder. I talked to her today.
Bob went and got our trailer today. I we can find a frig for about 400 dollars cheaper than they wanted for one. Its still a little over a thousand but that is better than 1500. We will order it next week I think. We did not need that expense now. Oh well such is life. My pig won't get very full very fast at that rate.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday and a sore throat

I spent most of the day sleeping, resting, reading. I did go to church this morning but came home and dove back into my bed. My throat is sore like a sinus drainage thing. Whatever, I don't like it. By later this afternoon I was bored with it and got up and we had taco's for supper. Bob is now snoozing in his chair and here I am.

Yesterday we just worked around here and went to a Back Country Horse meeting. We belong to the Panhandle Back Country group. It is a very long story how we met those folks but we have belonged for about 15 years and they are good friends. We have ridden places with them that we would never have known nor places we would not have ever thought to go. Some of our favorite places are a couple of different places on Craig Mt. south of Lewiston, Hoodoo Pass between Montana and Idaho. And Clearwater Crossing in Montana. Besides of course several places in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. There is Escure Ranch south of Sprague, WA and another place I can't remember then name south of the rest stop west of Davenport. All good places. Escure Ranch is good to ride late in the year and early. Summer is not so good because of the abundance of rattlesnakes. Kind of like Fishtrap.

Today Bob went riding with Katie, her dad Doug and our neighbor Shannon. I really would have loved to have gone but am trying to get rid of this "thing" so thought perhaps I should not go out in the cold. Sunny and bright though.

On our way to church this morning up on the other side of Deep Creek hill, there was a huge coyote ambling across the hay stubble. He was very good and in very good condition. I took a picture but it turned out too dark so some reason. I need Nikki to come over and show me what she learned in her photoshop class she took just before she got sick. AND, I need to put my camera in for a cleaning and going over. I want a longer lens but the long one I have won't work on auto focus and I am really a dunce w/out it.

We are waiting for Tyler to get home. He has been over at his parents for a couple of weeks. He went for a wedding but was there to help his mom when felt so rotten. We have missed him. He is bringing home a puppy. Just what I need but he will take good care of him. I think it is part Chihuahua and Ihasa apso . I know I did not spell those right but you get the idea. He should be an itty bitty dog and I know my Skeeter will love him.

Maybe I will have a picture tomorrow. My cousin Joy lost her Aunt Elaine this past week, Joy our prayers are with you. AND my precious grandniece that calls me Grammy turned 16. What a good girl. Also my dear little grandnephew Jimmy had his 5Th. birthday this week. Jimmy is a wonderful little boy who happens to have CP. Everything physically is difficult for him but he is so funny and so smart. That is a week in the life of the Williams family.

Friday, November 21, 2008

continued from below

I don't know what happened, it just would not add anything else. So read the one before this before you read this addition.

2. Build a log house
3. Buy the property across the road
4. Purchase homes for each of our children
5. Actively support some of the causes dear to my heart.

5 places I have lived

all in Washington

l. Kirkland
2. Auburn
3. Tacoma
4. Roy
5. Puyallup Then Spokane and then here

5 jobs I have had

l. Secretary
2. Office Manager
3. Cleaned Airplanes
4. Stay at home mo
5. Riding instructor

5 People I am tagging

l. anyone who wants
2. Nikki

Friday and I am cold

This is Jenn's Riley. He is not too tall but is built like a tank. He certainly looks drafty to me. Not drafty and leaking air when the wind blows but like a draft horse genetics in there someplace. He really respects Jenn on the lunge line. He turns in and he whoa's. But he has a space he wants no one in. Partly, maybe the, reason in our opinions is when she tries he throws a real tantrum. I mean a REAL tantrum. Bob did touch him but it made him mad and he broke the rope. By that time he was stressed to the limit. So, we gave her some ideas and we will go back on Tuesday. He needs a halter on. If he had not broken the rope he would have one on tonight. It was a good lariat but he is a strong sucker. Jenn has done everything right except let him be done when he has these awful tantrums. She doesn't have much assistance but is doing her best. She is knowledgeable about horses and has done a good job. She also needs a smaller pen to work him in. A 60' round pen is too large. She is a very nice young lady and I was glad to meet her off the Yahoo site.
It was cold today. I did not wear as warm a coat or gloves that I should have and was shivering by the time we left. Usually my heavy hoodie with a fleece vest is enough. Not today. I was glad our car heats up quickly. When we got home just ahead of dark Katie was here and had done the feeding for us. Thank you Katie.
Barbara from The Serenity Room was tagged and passed it on to get to know us better.
5 Things I was doing 5 Years ago.
1. Getting over the loss of our son
2. Getting over the loss of Bob's mom
3. Regaining my health after cardiac surgery
4. Learning that life was going to continue
5. Renewing my acquaintance with my horses.
(not a good year)
5 Things on my to do list:
(only 5?)
1. Take the turkey out of the frig
2. Finish my Christmas sewing so I can clean the dining room
3. Answer Peggy's letter before she thinks I have died
4. Get back to my routine of walking
5. Clip Skeeters face
5 things I like to snack on
1. chips and salsa(mild)
2. anything sweet
3. apples
4. little carrots and ranch dip
5. crackers
5 Thinks I would do if I was a millionaire
1. Adopt more mustangs

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Dismal Thursday

Guess I don't have to tell you a 3rd. day in a row we are going to Jenns tomorrow. Guess I should read what I wrote the day before. Sorry.

I still am working on Christmas sewing. It is proceeding pretty nicely. I have a big miss in my dining room though. Still not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving. If the kids all have other plans I guess we will go out to eat. Us and Tyler. He is coming home Saturday. Have missed the young man.

Not anything in particular today. I did my usual hide out in the house when the butcher truck comes. I can eat the meat and enjoy it but can't stand to see them be butchered and all that goes with it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I think I could have slept all day. Don't know why. I was lazy all day. I am so glad that Bob understands that I have days like this once in a while and lets me be lazy.

I did sew on the Christmas gifts for our grand kids. At least the younger ones. It doesn't take long but it does take me to sit down and do it. Not telling what because at least one mama reads this and I want everyone to be surprised. I am making all I can this year.

Poor Rusty still does not like the surcingle. She tolerates it on but does not want a saddle pad. Bob did not push it today, just the surcingle. No bucking, just looking like "I don't like it" We just will have to keep working with her. She still does like me too much.

Friday we are going to Rathdrum to help Jenn with her mustang Riley. She has had him for 6 months and can not touch him. I am a little discouraged with the amount of people telling her to give up and send him back. Bob and I will give her some help and be honest with her. I just hate people telling her to give up without ever seeing her or her mustang or how they communicate together.

My lazy day is catching up with me. It will be early to bed for me. Maybe a cup of hot cider and a good good for a while too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday the l8th.

Another big buck out at the hospital. Not the same one, he was larger than this one. It is the height of rut and he didn't have time to stop and wonder what we were doing. Didn't so much as wiggle an ear at us. We drove thru there after we took our recycling to Medical Lake. It was such a nice day.
Bob messed with Rusty some and put the surcingle back on her. She though "Oh well" and just stood there. He did not try the saddle pad with it today like he thought he might. That is reserved for tomorrow I guess.
Friday, noonish, Bob and I are going over to Rathdrum and help Jenn with her mustang Riley. So many on the Yahoo site have given her a lot of information but she needs some hands on help. We certainly are not experts but we do have a lot of experience. Have never met her except on the i/net but she needs help and we are close. As in closer than Kansas or California. Actually its about 35 or 40 miles and will do that happily. So we will go with our boots for the mud, gloves, a flag and a 30' rope.
I am glad the horses got a reprieve but will feel better when I know where this lady is going to put 30 plus thousand horses. I am trying to respond with reason and not emotion but its tough when you love them all so much.