Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sad Saturday

Photos still on camera and I am still tired. It is very difficult to say goodby to an old friend. Patty and I were roomates in college, the rebels that we were, stayed good friends, she was maid of honor when Bob and I got married. We had our first babies about the same time, her John and Nikki are the same age. I was with her when her first son died and during the funeral. They stayed with us for a while. Her marriage fell apart, she lived not too far from us. I don't remember where she met Clyde but when they got married, I stood up with her. She had flaming red hair and she wore a pretty green wool dress. That was 40 years ago. Funny I would remember her dress. They went on two have 2 lovely girls, Kim and Julie. Patty was with me when our daughter Coreen died. They moved to Colfax and had a happy life. Now after all these years, I had to say good by. I spoke briefley at the memorial, one of the harder things I have had to do but for her, I did it. Memories of Patty.

I hope tomorrow, the world will seem brighter. I get to work at a horse show and my now friends will be there and things will look up.

Thanks for listening to my meanderings. Just a day of crying and thinking.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday May 29

I am home. My pictures are still on the camera so thats out of the question. I am very tired but itsa a good tired. Had a really wonderful visit with my sister. We had supper at Cracker Barrel on our way home after I arrived. Later I will tell you about the other things we did that day. All fun. I got to visit with a niece and nephew and their beautiful boys. It was a quick but fun visit with my sister.

Tomorrow is a day I am dreading. It is my friend Patty Mercers memorial service in Colfax. And the bad news I got in TN was that our pastors 17 year old son Tyler died. He had had 5 open heart surgeries previously but did not survive this one. Every day he lived was a miracle.

Blessings -

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend Sunday

I never fails to make my heart flutter to see the flags flying like that.

The next two photos are particularly for my family. They are the headstones of our two children that live in heaven. Sorry if it bothers you but know they will like to see them this Memorial Weekend Sunday.

This afternoon we went to our son Tom's home to celebrate Seth's 10th. birthday. He is such a sweet sensitive little boy. He looks the most like his mother.

Then after we got home Rusty got a saddle on again and Bob kept the rope on her and tried to keep her from bucking but to no avail. Not as much as yesterday though and she was more quiet. She is a strong willed girl.
I leave in the morning early. I will have access to the computer but don't know how much time I will have. We will see. Wish me well. Hope your Monday is relaxed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mosquito bites and sunburn -

Rusty's forlock is so thick and pretty. She did not much like having the camera that close to her nose. Yesterday I did braid it and tuck it under her halter. She did not like that either.
This is what a saddle did. This was about after half an hour. Bob put a lead rope on her finally and she settled down. She did wear the saddle all day though and then was a spooky looky this evening when he took it off. Bob will have to do it again tomorrow and every day. That girl can buck.

Bob on Pepper bumping her around. She finally did get leading down better. Bob just dallyed the rope around the horn, Pepper put his shoulders into it and she lead like it or not. Maybe she will work better with me now.

The unhappy horse. She lost that round and was disgusted. She did let me walk up to her though and take her picture and she ate a treat out of my hand. That was the first time she has accepted one.
It was a long day, mostly spent tag teaming Rusty until we got to this point. I put a saddle on her first after working her like I have been. If I could have been quicker and got another inch on the cinch she would not have been able to dump it but I didn't and she did. So, we could let her get away with that so the war was on. Consequently I got sunburned where my tank top wasn't. Not bad, just a little itchy. It isn't enough to peel thank goodness. I do get pretty brown. I forgot sunscreen though today so am not surprised.
This evening we took our recycle stuff to Medical Lake and went thru the hospital grounds to look at the deer. Some of them look like you could walk up to them. Some really heavy does that look like they will have their babies pretty soon. While at the recycle place the mosquitos were in swarms and I got ate alive. They affect me like bee stings on most people. I need to take some benedryl or I won't sleep much.
My suitcase is packed. It is raining there. I really wanted to swim in her pool but who knows. We aren't planning any big adventures. Just want to sit and hold her hand and talk to her. Tomorrow we will go to church and then take flowers to the cemetary to our childrens graves. They are very close together. I thought about Scott today. Remembering his big smile. Later in the day we will go to Toms for our grandson Seth's birthday party. His birthday was Wednesday but we will have a family celebration tomorrow.
May your Sunday be full of blessings.

Friday, May 22, 2009


An OK day. Had errands to run, go to the bank and get some money for my trip, ect, ect. ect. Came home, took a little nap and went out to tackle some time with Rusty. She actually let me come right up to her and attatch the rope. I don't know why she turned the corner and thinks I am at least tolerable but she seems to.

We just lunged a while changing directions and practicing whoa. Then I picked up the stick with the plastic bag attatched and we worked with that. After a little tantrum to start, it worked pretty well on her right side. Started out just tapping the ground with it beside her. THEN we went to the side that everything might eat her on and that took a while longer but finally she let me touch her body and neck with it and stood on a loose line. So then getting braver, I got the dreaded saddle pad and we waved it and rubbed her with it and flopped in on her back - OK on the right, took longer on the left but not near as bad as I thought. Then I started patting the pad and off and on and off and on on both sides. So we just left it on and we practiced leading. She really did not do bad at that. Back to the plastic bag and we got on both sides under her belly over her face down her legs ect. I was so proud of her. Will work her tomorrow again.

This evening we went to dinner at the Mexican Restaurant in Airway Heights. Very good food, just lots of it. I ate way way too much but it was really wonderful. After dinner we went and looked at a four year old mustang that we are going to take in for training in a week. He is beautiful. His name is, believe it or not, Coyote Ice Cream. I will call him Cody. His owner sent him to a trainer for 2 months for 800.00 a month and he bucked the guy off and he never got back on him. Same song another verse - hes just a mustang get rid of him. He is timid, about 14 hands. If any of you have seen pictures of Andi's Karma that she sold to Jill, he is that color. Very unusual. I will start on him when I get back from Tennessee. I will have pictures of him later when he gets here. It was too close to dark when we were there.

Am about packed to leave on Monday AM. Just a few this and thats to put in. I am just taking a carry on bag. Am very anxious to see my sister. Its been over a year.

Hope your Saturday is all you want it to be.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Wahooooooo Day

Bob told me to bring my camera and come with him. This sweet nest is about 6' off the ground next door. Mama Robin was not happy about the photo shoot so we left her to take care of her very pretty eggs. Notice the one egg is so much larger than the other. I will be watching it as close as I can.
My sweet little Isaac. After his big brothers quit jamming. He does pretty well considering he is four. All last week I went to sleep with him watching me with his big blue eyes. He asked, are we going to sleep now.

Five of Nikki's six boys. From l - r --Lane, Bryant,Tyler, Lane Dustin. The big boys cooked my birthday dinner. Dustin is the oldest. Joel, the only one absent lives in Spokane.

And, now for my Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo day. I was outside puttering and I thought enough, Rusty, I have never hurt you and this is silly. So, I got the 12 foot working rope, walaked out into the pasture and she ran up to "her" spot. I just walked up to her slowley , petted her neck, and snapped on the rope. She did not think she wanted to lead and that took some time, patience, and some more of both to get her to lead but finally she did come with me. I would not say she leads, but she followed me attatched to the rope. I took her thru her pen and on to the round pen. We worked at lunging both ways and on whoa. That was not extremely succesful but she was much better by the time we quit. I picked up one front foot and she let me hold it but the otherside was not so good.

She did pull back once and jerked me pretty good. I got her back under control and then Bob took over. My neck and shoulder can not take that just yet. He got both front feet and then he began with a saddle pad. One side was great but the other side was going to get ate. She finally accepted it. Then Bob led her back and we gave her a treat. So I was glad about my time with Miss Rusty.
Had a doctor appointment and he wrote me a prescription for some Physical Therapy for my neck and shoulder. I know this past week was stressful so maybe that is why my neck hurt today.
If anyone is interested, go read Tracey's blog - Mustang Diaries. She puts into words so much better than I why we are so passionate about our mustangs and why we work so hard as volunteers for the BLM. I could not put it any better.
I was watching Craig Cameron on RFD TV this afternoon and he all girls Extreme Cowboy Race. Wylene Wilson (I think thats her name) is riding her Makeover Horse that she did well on in a Make Over Challenge. His name is Filthy Rich. He gave mustangs a big plug.
Hope your Friday is grand.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A long Wednesday

I am home safe and sound. I checked in the Camry, Bob picked me up and we went and got my Kia. Kind of like a tuna can after that roomier Camry. Oh well, its fixed and looks nice. Bob thinks it drives OK. I thought it did too. Its a nice car but I do think we will trade it in when I get my settlement.

I walked around and said hello to all the critters. The horses were too busy eating to be bothered with me. The cows too. Posey will be calving before too long. Oliver, the goat, took a dislike to Skeeter who was with me and put his head down and roller him over. Scared my puppy. Bob showed me a birds nest he found with 4 pretty blue eggs in it. Will be watching it.

My very own bed is calling me. I won't have any little blue eyes laying there watching me tonight. I hope Isaac sleeps well too. He liked sharing his room with Grandma. Last night I asked him to snuggle me because I was going home today and he said with that sweet way of his - Grandma, even if you're not here you will be my Grandma forever.

Blessings for your Thursday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thankful Tuesday May 19

Today I am very thankful for life. My life in particular. For some reason I never thought I would live to see my 70's. Don't know why, I just didn't and here I am 71, still loving my horses and riding every chance I have. I have survived 6 children and several pregnancies that ended in miscarriages. I have survived a near heart attack and heart surgery. I survived a stroke with no lasting effects. I survived a bad case of viral pneumonia. I have four loving adult children with children of their own. I have 17 grandchildren that love me. I have four sweet great grandchildren. I have a loving sister who cares about me unconditionally. I have an adoring husband of almost 52 years that still calls me Baby in the most loving of ways. I have a sweet little dog - a poodle- that gets excited when I come home. I have 2 daughters in law that love me for just who i am. I could go on and on. That is my thankful day. No gift could be greater than that.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Drizzly Monday

Disappointing - the weather. Yesterday I wished I had brought some tank tops, today I needed a sweater. It was 81 at home. Carmen told me I would want to come back here after I went home because it would be hot and NO WAY. I am ready to hot.

Nikki is good. Not doing anything which is just what the doctor ordered. She forgot she had anti nauseaous meds and she needed it today. She has lay down a good portion of the day and that has been good. Tomorrow I leave my 70th year and start #71, I never thought I would make it this far.

Take care, and have a good Tuesday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sunny Sunday

Nikki came home about noon today and it has been a very nice afternoon. Even the loud music off and on has not bothered me like last night. I think I had kind of a melt down. I hope my grandsons have forgiven me.

It is beautiful here today. Dustin has been working in his garden in the back yard. He is a funny young man. Party hard but come home to mom for dinner and have his garden in their back yard. He is 25.

I think i will sleep better tonight with other people in the house except me and the little boys. The big boys did not come home until the sun was coming up and that made me a little nervous.,

A great Monday is in order for you all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday headaches

Nikki is doing well, she will be coming home tomorrow. Spent most of the day with her. We were walking the halls and she was doing well until someone in a room nearby died and we went to her room and pulled the curtain. That is too private a moment to share with people walking the halls.

Came home and Nikkis boys had brought a drum set over and the drums, guitars and a CD were more than I could stand. The house was shaking on its foundation. My head was pounding and I retired to my car to read. I feel bad but I could not take it. The boys seemed to understand, I just can not take that nolse in a confined area. Between that and lilacs my head is pounding and I think I might be whining.

Happy Sunday to all.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I am so tired my eyeballs may fall out. Nikki had her surgery at noon today and is doing well. Thanks for those I know are praying, She was sitting up and eating some supper when I left the hospital. Her friend Rita is with her now and Carmen is going back up in a few. I will be here with the boys. Tyler and Bryant are here - at least their bodies are. Both are being very cooperative but know that its Friday night and heaven forbid that they stay home. But because Grandma asked they are. Good boys.

Don't know what else is going on in the world. Have a nice Saturday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Nikki worked today and her husband Carmen did errands part of the day. Isaac and I hung out together. When Carmen was home, I went shopping at the Thrift Stores and bought the little boys jeans. Lane has sprouted up tall and Isaac just outgrew and wore out his. I got them each 2/3 pair. That should hold them until they get another growing spurt.

Nikki has her surgery tomorrow. Please be praying for her. I know she will feel so much better when it is all done and over with.

I talked to Bob today and a friend of ours lost her dad today. He was is an vehicle accident in Montana. In the last 5 years she has lost almost her whole family. Son, brother, mom and now her dad. Heidi does not deal too well anyway. This is really hard on her.

I miss my horses. I must be here though. Have a nice Friday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Evening

Man it has rained all afternoon. The drive was totally uneventful. That is the way I like it. Heather and Lilianna rode with me but both slept most of the way. I don't think I have mentioned it but Heather and Joel will give us another great grand baby just after the first of the year. She was so sick all the way. Felt sorry for her.

At home, oh my goodness. The washing machine quit and the well sprung another leak. At the same fitting Bob has fixed 3 times. He is frustrated. He said he might go buy a new one before I got home. It quit last night when I was getting ready to come. Such is life.

Hope all is well and your Thursday is awesome.

Wednesday for Thankful Tuesday

Yesterday was so hectic I forgot it was a Thankful Tuesday. I am thankful for each of our horses. If you read my blog yesterday and the quote from that guy, you will u nderstand my love for our mustangs, They are bright beautiful and bond with you completely. I am thankful for adopting our mustangs and for the people who love them like we do.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am ready to leave first thing in the morning for Nikki's. She has surgery on Friday and I need to be there for both of us.

I have kind of packed willy nilly. Hope I haven't forgotten anything vital. Have my makeup and hair stuff and pj's. Everything else I don't know, just jeans and T shirts. I usually make lists and check things off diligently. I am big on lists. I do have lists for going to Tennessee in 2 weeks. I don't want to check a bag so am packing carefully.

I have my rental car. OH BOY - can I keep it huh? Please. I like nice cars, I really really like nice cars. I settled for our little Kia that got hit but for the interim I have a 2008, bright red Toyota Camry with all the bells and whistles. Everyone should have a bright red car once in their life. When Sharon and I were in Key West last year and we rented a car to drive up towards Miami I wanted a red convertible. No such, got a blue Kia. Oh well it was fun anyway.

I gave a riding lesson to a four year old today. Rosie does babysit beginners. McKenzie had never been on a horse before. She did marvelous. Four year olds don't have a terrible long attention span but she did better than I thought. She did so well and when she got off she hugged Rosies neck and kissed her. It was so sweet. She is with her grandma this week. She told me she was a cowgirl now.

The horses are loving being out in the pasture. We put them out in the morning for 3 hours and then in the evening for about the same. I have to carry a lunge whip when I go to put them in or they just run in circles around the pasture. Bob got the battery in the four wheeler so I can use that when they go out to the back pasture. They are so funny.

Bob bought a bull today to put out with our cows for 2/3 months. His name is Billy. And he bought a young cow due to calf in about a month. I named her Posey. We will need to watch her pretty closely when she gets closer. She is awfully small. She is about the size of Molly and Polly. They will get put with the bull next week too. I am sure she is about the same age as the twins. That is awful young to have a baby. I may be surprised but don't think so.

Katie came and worked with Abby today. She had to be at a senior function at her school at five so she did not stay too long. She turned 18 yesterday. I asked her today if she felt any different but she said no.

I have been searching thru photo albums with a gazillion pictures for pictures of Patty for the memorial service on the 30th. Clyde asked us to do that. She was in our wedding so have those pictures and quite a group when we were silly freshman at WSU only it was WSC then. We used to sneak out a window at night or sneak in after we missed the curfew, we smuggled in beer, we did just about anything that broke the rules. Much more strict then than now.

If you get Western Horsemen Magazine go to the Letters to the Editor or it is called Letters from Riders. A letter by Vern Fuller made me so mad. The entire letter was about the issue of Horse Slaughter. And whether you agree, or disagree that is OK. Its America and we can have opinions, however, I take great issue of his closing couple of sentences. "There is no such thing as an "American Mustang". These are feral scrubs, dinks that nobody wants." That opinion really made me see red. I sent off a letter to the editor myself - Arlington National Cemetary used them in their funeral processions. Watched them the last time we were there. It is really an awesome thing to watch. And, the US Border Patrol uses them to protect our borders on Mustangs. Not feral scrubs nobody wants. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Besides those two places there are thousands of people who have adopted and love their mustangs. Even when you have more than you need.

I will have access to a computer so will try to write while I am gone to Marysville. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Marvelous Mothers Day

Bob came out with the camera and took this as we left for church this morning. It was a happy day. After church we went looking for some yard sales and took a long drive out to Davenport and back. We had lunch along the way. It was the first time in years and years that I have heard from all my children on mothers day. That in itself was a wonderful blessing.

The picture below is the flower of a tree at a yard sale we stopped at. Didn't buy much - or nothing maybe but I took some pictures. Is this a Tulip Tree bloom? I very positively told Bob that is what it was but I am not sure.
This tree was just in a yard that we drove by. I thought it was so beautiful. We are about a thousand feet higher in elevation and things are not blooming too much here yet. In a couple of weeks the lilacs will start but its not blooming time here. In fact I think tomorrow or Tuesday night it is supposed to frost and I had better remember to cover my tomatoe plants. That is crazy to think about, it was 72 today.

Yesterday I posted a picture of Rusty standing and eating but this afternoon after we got home I caught her running and bucking. Not exactly the picture I wanted but its closer. She is so peculiar about me being anywhere close. She does not like me at all.

I hugged and loved on Pepper and Rosie today and Yuma. The other girls got their noses bent out of shape because I did not pet them first so I just left them pouting. I can't wait to ride. Shannon, my neighbor wanted us to go riding with them today but alas. Still the headache for the most part and don't want to aggrevate it any more. Tomorrow the car goes in to see if the insurance company will repair it or total it. It shimmies and shakes and the back door won't close properly besides all of the other stuff. Would just as soon they totaled it.
Tomorrow I have to get back to my house stuff routine. Its been a good day to do nothing but enjoy. Let your Monday be a very good day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


For some reason, I have had a hard time getting the picture loaded. We let Rusty out into a little pasture today. She ran and bucked until I had my camera. Then, she just stood there to eat. Look at that mane and tail dragging the ground. She loved being out. We put her in her little pen this evening and boy was she mad. She will get back out in the morning. Rusty really does not like me. Next time I will send the camera with Bob.

This was a sad day for me. The gal who was my maid of honor at Bob and my wedding almost 52 years ago died this week. Her husband just found our phone number. How sad. She died of bone cancer and she would not allow her husband to call anyone. She did not want anyone to see her. She lived in Colfax. Patty and Clyde were at our anniversary party and we loved seeing them. Makes me sad. She and I were roomates in college.

Bob finally got the well going and all repaired. He is going to build an above the ground well house instead of the one in the ground. That was getting to be a real headache. We spent part of the day at Home Depot getting what he needed.

Have a scrumdillyicious Sunday. I wish my mother was still here to hug.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fantastic Friday

I think I have four different colors of thes pretty little flowers. I don't know really what their proper name is but the come up in the lawn every spring. I love them. My one and only daffodil does not appear to have any blooms on it so this is what I have for the moment. I know this is supposed to be a horse blog but when you are banished from the horses for a while......well you get the picture. I love my little flowers.Today it was warm and sunny and I planted a nastursium bed with 3 different kinds and colors. I can't wait for them to grow now. I planted poppy seeds in another and sweet peas behind chives in another. I need another bag of potting soil before I can finish the others. I want to get things like this done before I go to Tennessee on the 25th. because when I get back I thing we have a Quarter Horse mare coming in for training and I want to have time to put into her and our own horses. I have got to get Bob motivated to get the arena worked up good. We have different ideas of how it should be done, just like we have different ideas how to bed a stall. Deep is good. Not to him.

I started cleaning the deck. It has accumulated alot of stuff over the winter. I want to get my little fountain cleaned out and hooked up too. That is my goal over the weekend plus giving a couple of riding lessons. I can do that from the ground. And it does not mean I have to life anything heavy.

Still some headache, I think the insurance company thinks I am faking it but I AM NOT. I found a lump on my head this afternoon but don't remember hitting anything. Maybe I did. It is sore so don't know where or when it got there. Maybe I just have a lumpy head.

Wishing you a sunny Saturday.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


A short post and a long day. Tried really hard to get some things accomplished today. I still am working on the frying pan trying to get the melted plastic out of it. Don't think its working though. It is a cast iron frypan that is older than me and I hate it that I may have ruined it.

Looked at the Internet Adoption again today to see how it is going. I thought I will pick 5 that are my favorites. You will have to go to that site to look which ones they are. I ended up with 6 however. The lst. on is at Ridgecrest which is in California. #1950. The ones in Burns, Oregon ar #'s 8844, 8861, 8928 and Rock Springs, Wyoming #'s 2871 and 3600. Some of them have bidders and some don't. Of course I did not count the two yearling Burro's at Ridgecrest. One's color is called pink. Now he does not look pink to me, nor have I ever seen a pink burro. It struck me kind of funny. Yuma would curl up in a corner and pout if anyone called him pink.

I went to a Northeast Zone meeting this evening. It was kind of short but some things accomplished. It is our last meeting until September. I would not have gone had I not had to report on the WSH meeting in April. That is my job. I could just as easily gone to bed but thank goodness it was not really dark when I came home.

Have a Friday worth remembering.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

This is Spring in my front yard. Love the dainty little blooms.

Today was truley one of THOSE days. One of those days when you wonder where you left your brain. I scrambled some eggs for lunch. Ate them in the living room while watching the noon news. Heard something outside so just set my plate on the table and went out the front door. When I came in I thought I needed a nap so I went and lay down and went right to sleep. Skeeter barking woke me up barking and the house was filled with a weird smelling smoke. I dashed for the kitchen and I had not gotten the stove turned all the way off and the pancake turner and the frying pan will never ever be the same. In fact the spatula melted. It was all ready to burst into flames. The house still reeks.

We did go out to eat with friends this evening so got out of here for a while. I have had the fan over the stove and in both bathrooms going since noon. Did not smell it so bad until we came back home. It is gross but we did have a good Mexican dinner. I really love Mexican food and I ate way too much but it was scrumtious.

A small correction on yesterdays blog. It is Spring Creek Basin Weblog. I think I called it Spring Creek Mustangs. Her pictures are wonderful.

All the animals here are just fine. I think they are all glad for shelter after the rain today. If we would get another nice day I would go on a grooming tangent. If I can't ride, I can brush.

Hoping your Thursday is hunky dory.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Thankful Tuesday

Spring on the West Plains
Today I am thankful beside the obvious of being up and around and mostly recovered from the rear ending last Thursday, I am thankful for the blogs that I read. I can't list them all, There are simply too many but each and everyone give me enjoyment and insight. There is The Serenity Gate that always gives me a peaceful feeling and Barbara is a dear person. I have been blessed to meet her. The Life and Times of Penny the Neighborhood Dog is life at my sisters house thru the eyes of her chocolate lab Penny. My daughter writes Life with Boys about her l stepson, 6 sons, l daughter in law and 2 grandaughters. She is way more talented than she thinks. Wagonteamster Home has given me some ups and downs. He started out driving 4 beautiful horses, not knowing where he would end up or when and in April was rearended in his wagon by a semi going 60 mph. 2 horses were killed and he nearly but he is up and going again, not driving his team yet but planning trip #2. Mustang Saga is written by my friend Andrea . Nienie Dialougs is inspiring. She was in an airplane piloted by her husband and it crashed nearly a year ago. They both survived but she was severely burned and in a coma for a long time. Her blog about her recovery makes me so greatful for each day. Motherhood is not for Wimps is a really funny blog written by a lady that just had her 3rd. baby girl. She really is funny and articulates it in a hysterically funny way. If you love great photography particularly of mustangs, Spring Creek Mustangs will make you happy. Her picturers are beautiful. Mustang Diaries is written by my friend Tracey and is the first blog that I read on a regular basis. Backroad Chronicles is written by my cousin Joy. I am traveling about the country vicariously with she and Phil. That is a drop in the bucket to them all and I am thankful for each one. I would love to sit down with the authors of all of them and talk about their lives. Of course I do with Sharon and Nikki - my sister and daughter but all the others, I would love to meet. What they all write blesses my days.

Nothing much too exciting going on around here today. The wind blew like a wind tunnel most of the day. The horses were running and romping and playing like Pegasus. Looked like fun to me. At least if I didn't have to be on them. Even old Ditto was kicking up her heels.
Have a blessed Wednesday.

Monday, May 4, 2009


These are Bob's violets. They were in a basket of plants that he got when he had his colon surgery 2 years ago. It has bloomed pretty continually. It quit for a while and I repotted it into a larger pot and now it is off and running again. It sits on my kitchen window sill in front of the sink so when I am doing dishes its what I get to look at. Love it. I don't touch it, I kill violets quickly - Bob tends it.

The doctor had good and bad news this morning. One he grounded me for 2 more weeks from the horses or doing anything too strenuous. He is most worried about my shoulder when the seat belt crossed. It is not anything permanent but is black and blue. The headache is attacking this evening too.

I did go out and pet the horses and talk to them a bit this afternoon. I was hoping to ride this weekend. Oh well. I would rather be well than go against the doctor. Rosie wanted me to brush her some more today so I did for a little.

A terrific Tuesday to you all.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


An almost do nothing day. Did get outside and walk around. Bob was grooming Rosie and I went and helped him a little bit. We walked around looking at things. The raspberries that we planted last fall are coming along. A couple of the sticks we planted are now dead sticks but the rest look encouraging. I worked a little on the bed that I am going to plant the nastursiums in. The pentunias that I planted a couple of weeks ago are still thriving.

It was nice this afternoon but I slept thru most of it. Am going to try and not take any medication tomorrow. It makes me so sleepy. The worst today is my right hand and the headache. I am going to go see my doctor tomorrow and hope I hear from State Farm so I can get this procedure going. I am going to start cleaning out the car tomorrow. If they don't total it, we don't want to send it to a repair shop with stuff in it.

You probably don't want to hear any more about "the wreck". I really want to get outside and do something tomorrow. Have a great start to your week. Well the work week anyway.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Super Saturday

I hope you all don't get bored but today we went to our great grandaughters 2nd. birthday party. Her Nana - our daughter Nikki - could not come and she really wanted to so not only for my blogging friends but for Nikki too these pictures are here. The above picture is her birthday cake. One of her other great grandmas baked it. Below is Miss Lilianna herself with her daddy Joel.
She was being a typical 2 year old and decided she did not want her picture taken. I could not cokes a smile out of her for anything.

This is our other great grandaughters mother, Raselle. I thought Arawyn would be tired of us after last weekend but she ran to me and leapt into my arms. I needed that little hug today. I had to drive there and so I could not take any medication so a big hug from a little girl was wonderful. Her mother is a sweetheart too and tries hard.

Our younger daughter Christyn. I was so glad to see her. She and her family came out yesterday to check on me and to see if they needed me to do anything. I appreciated that although she didn't need to.

Lilianna's daddy Joel. He is a great young man who got himself into a real mess a few years ago and moved to Spokane and got himself clean and sober. He is so talented. He has his drums out here in a little shed. He comes and entertains us every weekend. Actually he can play any instrument that he want. He is left handed but taught himself to play a right handed guitar upside down. Plus horns and he plays the piano beautifull.

Our grandaughter Nikki. She obviously is named after her aunt. They (her aunt Nikki and Uncle Carmen) call her Pocahantas. She is 15.

Nikkis brother Skyelor. He would not smile for me. When he couldn't help but smile he turned his head. He wants you to think he is a thug. He is 13.

The birthday girl. It was supposed to be nice and warm but it wasn't.

Nikki and Skye's sister Jadeyn. The most girly girl of the family. She is 12. She talks so fast I have to ask her to slow down because I can not understand her.

Lili and her mother Heather. She was attatched to her today. Heather is such a little thing. I thought she was going to freeze to death. She did go get a jacket on.

Arawyn - our great grandaughter that we took to see ner Nana last weekend. She looks to much like her dad its funny
Thanks for looking at my family album. I am much better today. My biggest thing is the headache and my right hand. Again I did nothing outside. Miss my critters. It is raining here and we really needed it to make the pasture grow. It can do it all night and then be nice. Good idea don't you think.
Have my clothes laid out for church in the morning if I can get up and get moving OK. This morning was so much better that I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better yet.
Have a blessed Sunday.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A scrambled brain

I said I would post today but it will be shorter than yesterdays. Muscle relaxers and pain pills have made things easier today but when they wear off, I know why I am taking them. Makes my mind very slow to function. Tomorrow will be better.

Thursday or should I say Friday am

Just a quick post here. I promise to sit down and write a decent post tomorrow. This evening on the way to the Mustang Horse Club meeting I was rearended. My little Kia vs. a large older Bronco. My car is driveable but needs help and I will be fine. Just got home from the emergency room. Nothing is broken but I sure do have a sore neck and back. I was going 50 and touched my brakes. He got me.

We cancelled the Mustang Campout. Andrea has a concussion and I hurt and the doctor told me not to ride for a few days so Andrea and I are both grounded, plus our well is down again and Bob must get that fixed.

Arlene if you want to call me, we can schedule a day to come and do you compliance checks for your titles.

Thanks all for your prayers in advance.