Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our youngest grandson Isaac.  He is so photogenic.  I love to take pictures of him. 
Rosie and Chico.  This is the picture I posted on Face book so have seen it and some have not. I will take new pictures of him today.  He is a little character.  He does not like being caught nor does he like his halter but we put it on him during the day.  He has the tiniest little feet.

I went out a while ago to take some pictures of a really huge Sand hill Crane sitting in out pasture.  Sage followed me with her nose practically on my shoulder.  I haltered her and put her in a pen up by the round pen so when I go out to work with her she will be close by.  I love it when she attaches herself to me like that.

Friday we have a Mustang Club and anyone else who wants to come, ride at Signal point.  11:00 at the trail head..  I need directions so I will find them and post them tomorrow.