Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thanks boys

This morning we went out to Deer Park to do a compliance check for Sugar. Isn't she a pretty one? She is a 5 year old Cremello mare from Palomino Butte HMA in Oregon. She is in lovely condition, maybe on the chubby side but I would really rather them a little chubby this time of year instead of thin. Not only is she pretty but she is a sweetheart.
When we came out of the arena drive this little deer was standing there watching us. No matter that we have a lot of deer around here I still like taking pictures of them. She is getting rid of her winter coat it looks like.

We had some hay we had bought but had not brought home with Bob's back and the road conditions. Tom came today and they got most of it. He brought our grandson Ryan and 2 of Ryan's friends to help. We were very grateful. They would not let Bob do any thing and that was really good. Irritated him but that's OK.

Bob's brother had heart surgery yesterday. He came through it just fine. They replaced a valve in his heart and did some repair work on his breast bone from his last surgery. He is a 35 year diabetic so it is always a hard time. They sat him up on the edge of the bed this morning. Other than the pain, he was doing OK. His daughter Kathy called this evening and she had seen him just a bit before and said he was doing well. All the excess tubes gone. Keep him in your prayers please. He is 77. Bob is going to go over to Puyallup on Monday for a few days.

I made chicken burritos for dinner tonight. Oh were they so good. We will have them after church tomorrow. It is my mama's recipe. Our own home grown chicken and chicken broth.

Have a really good Sunday. Blessings.