Saturday, December 27, 2008

My sisters birthday

My sweet sister Sharon. The picture was taken last Easter Sunday when we were in Key West and took a sunset dinner cruise. Today is her birthday. She lives in central Tennessee but is in Mississippi right now visiting her daughter Suzanne and family for the holidays. Have never had any more fun than the week we spent in Key West.

Today I am wondering what else bad is going to happen. Our big dog Maggie went out on the road for a reason known only to her I guess and a speeding car - yes speeding on an ice covered road- hit her. She is very stiff and sore but that seems to be her largest problem. It makes me sick though. Bob is sitting with her in the living room. She is laying on a rug. The guy that was driving didn't even slow down. That is hit and run.

Snow is sliding off of our roof this evening and it sounds like we are being attacked by Godzilla. It is really loud but then it means that Bob does not have to shovel it. I have worried all day about him out shoveling and plowing. His 4x4 truck is stuck, at least it was. I think he got it out. It is nasty out.

Remember The Serenity Room's give away. That is such a peaceful blog. I have not met Barbara but have her daughter Linda and she is a sweet person so her mother must be too. Love all the Horse people blogs and I also love Life In a Cordwood Cabin.


  1. Lea- I am so sorry about your dogs. We love ours so much and I worry about them constantly. Perhaps you're getting all the bad stuff over before the New Year begins. I hope so.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2009.

  2. Hi Lea--that's horrible that he hit your dog and kept going!!! What a jerk. It seems more bad things happen in this kind of weather, doesn't it?