Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A cold evening

I am sitting here with a blanket wrapped around me and an electric heater not far away. Our furnace went out this evening and we have no heat. I am not going to make this too long because I am looking foreward to crawling in bed with extra blankets. I thought it was just me because all this winter my bones have been cold.

Katie and I found what is causing Abby to lose all the hair on her neck today. We found her head crawling with little bugs. Either lice or mites of some kind. It was gross. We soaked her head and neck with mineral oil and will check it again on Thursday. It was gross.

Ditto is loving her Sr. Feed. She thinks she is really queen of the place. Well, I do too. I am going to ride her if we ever get rid of the ice. They predicted snow today and I guess some places got some but we didn't get even a flake. Not that I missed it at all.

Wondered why I had not heard anything from Nikki. Her puter died and she got it back from the repair place today. There is a computer guru in her neighborhood. I am waiting to hear from Jim so he can go over mine some more.

I feel a big bill coming on. Our furnace is 15 years old and sooooooooooo. Just when you think you are getting ahead but that is life isn't it.