Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This hangs on the corner of my house. At the start of the deck. I got it for Bob for Christmas a few years ago. The grand kids have fun ringing it.

A day of not accomplishing much. It was a very nice day and I should have gotten outside. Tyler and I drove over to the Riverside State Park ranger office late this AM to get a trail map. And, they were not there. There were other people that drove up and were as surprised as we were when no one was there. I wanted a map so we don't get lost Saturday. I don't think I will but then Bob didn't either one day he was riding there alone and ended up at Rivermere when the truck and trailer were on Old Trails Rd. I just wanted to be sure.

Then I brought Tyler home and I went to the Safeway in Cheney and got my flue shot. Last year I fiddled around until it was too late. I did not get sick over the winter but was worried. I have not been sick bad since I started getting the flue shot each year. With my tendency to get pneumonia even with the pneumonia shot that I will do what I need to to stay well.

Bob went up to Fruitland today to get our three steers that have been up there running with their mothers. They look great. The guy bought the cows a few months ago. The market is so low I think we will feed them this winter and sell them for meat. Have people asking us all the time for meat. We don't feed any commercial grain. We buy our grain right from the mill in Davenport. No additives at all.

No much with the horses today. Katie came and rode Abby. She is doing so well with her. She has been working with Abby on respect and cues. She even trotted her today without me having a lunge line on her. I was proud of her.