Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snuffy nose but better

Made a trip in to see the doctor today. I must be better by the weekend when I have to work at the Fat and Fuzzy Horseshow at Valley Mission Arena. The weather does not seem too promising. He put me on an antibiotic for a sinus infection which is what I really thought it was. Sage is such a character. We worked with her feet again today and she was much better. I imagine if we keep at this Bob will be able to work on at least her front feet by next week. When she does good and we pet her and tell her she flaps her lips looking for a treat. I really have spoiled her I think. I didn't feel like standing out in the wind for her to eat grass for 45 minutes today and she was really put out with me. When Bob put her in this evening Pepper was aggrevated because she went first and ran at the fence and she reared up some. She does not kick or bite but that front end is light and that gives me a little concern. No other news really, kind of a dull place around here. I want to get outside and work but this weather is not cooperating. Blessings