Monday, January 24, 2011

Freezing Rain

I just won a championship. Rosie and I were (are) quite a pair.
Yuma shortly after we adopted him. He was so cute..Still is of course but he was little and sweet.

Our oldest granddaughter Deanna and our oldest great grandson Andrew. He turned 18 yesterday. That does not seem possible. They live in Delaware.

Our Chrissy on her Adoption Day. She and Tom were adopted the same day but have not come upon his picture yet.

My Daddy -the shorter one- and Uncle George. Uncle George is celebrating his 95th. birthday this year.

The home I lived in and started school from. Went through the 6th. grade. It is in Parkland, Washington which is a suburb of Tacoma.

The last of the kitties to be dumped off here. Hate it, not the kitties, the dumping off.

Rough and Ready our young roosters.

Bob coming back from feeding cows this morning. I did the horse/chicken chores and he did that. He did it all this evening because my stomach seems to have got some kind of a bug.

All the snow that is left.

Sunning themselves yesterday morning. Don't they look relaxed.
Am just laying around because I don't feel good at all. Be back tomorrow.