Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden and rain

No pictures because it is hard to take pictures when you are up to your elbows in dirt. I got peppers, cucumbers, and one hill of zucchini planted today. Will finish either this evening later or tomorrow. I would probably finished if the rain had not started falling in torrents. Bob starting peeling the sod so we can get the area ready for our patio. The chickens think he is doing it for them. Its kind of funny.

I did mess with Sage some between showers, or should I say downpours. Am laying over her and she doesn't seem to mind. One of these days I will just bite the bullet and swing my leg over.

We had a real scare this afternoon. Because it was so nasty outside Bob decided to tackle the mess under the kitchen sink. There was 3/4 of a container of Decon there. I went to the living room for a few minutes - actually only 2 or 3 - and found Pistol eating the poison. We called a vet in Airway Heights and they said 1/4 or so cup of Hydrogen Peroxide and come right in. We got her down her with a syringe and it did not make her throw up. The vet put some kind of drops in her eyes and it made her vomit. She had a lot in her stomach. It did make it all come up and everything she had eaten all afternoon. It had not digested at all thank God. Then they flushed her eyes out and the vomiting stopped. The vet gave her a vitamin K shot and we paid them 35.00 and came home. If we had not caught her she would have died an awful death very soon. So remember for a 15 pound or less dog 1/4 cup of peroxide only it did not make her throw up but that's what they said. Scared Bob out of his wits, he loves that little dog.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring was here this weekend

Today Bob was gone all day on a ride but I didn't feel up to a 12 miler so I stayed home and Katie went with him. I went some errands and went to see if I could get some pictures of the falls without going into town and paying to park. The river is running over full. It is so beautiful right there though.

There were lots I should have done but just lazed around the rest of the day.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Nice Day

I don't know if someone dropped this kitten off or it was one or several litters that all died in the barn. It is very wild. Hardly seems old enough to be on its own.
The ducks are so pretty. He was posing for me.

This one too. LOL. He must have been eating off the bottom of the little pond.

At the new Veterans Cemetery. I think it opened last year this time. It is beautiful

Baby geese, LOTS of baby geese.

I think these are Wood Ducks. They sure were pretty.

More baby geese.

Enjoying the sunshine. Most of them look like they will have babies soon.

That was my Sunday. Did not sleep well and did not go to church. Just lay around.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost on and lots of pictures

The chickens really like watermelon rind. I open the back door and call chicky and they come running.
The view from Sages back. I was laying across her in the saddle but not my whole weight.

Looking frontwards. She was so patient and good. I had the saddle on her.

Chemmy wanted to taste whatever I had in my hand. We gave the donkeys their shots today.

The other day I posted a picture of this baby laying down. When we came by there on Friday the baby was standing by the fence. Such a cute face.

Best Friend Forever

Pokey was still wet and her first time on her feet and Jazzy just had to come and say hello to her cousin. She looks little to me until I looked at this picture.

Woops, couldn't quite get her front feet coordinated with the back ones.

Maybe 5 minutes old.

She ate all the tall grass for me.

Our daughter Coreen's grave. I hope you don't mind looking at these pictures but my family will appreciate them. Things were done so differently then than now. When you lose a baby now they give you remembrances and really take care of you. Then it was shes dead and get used to it. I have nothing from her, they would not allow is to take pictures. She was beautiful. Don't mean to be so down about it after all these years but it really has bothered me today.

Our Scotty's grave. Hardly seems possible that its been eight years.

The flags at the cemetery. They are so beautiful.

Don't know why there is so much space but blame it on blogger. No matter what I do it spaces it that way.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trouble With Blogger.

The apple tree is starting to bloom. That is a sure sign of spring. The lilacs will be in bloom by next week.

I have had a terrible time with Blogger. It would not let me in to write my blog. Its kind of been doing its own thing lately but I had to go around in circle until I remembered Nikki put it in a second place on my Favorites list. That let me in. Don't know whats up but it made me pretty irritated.
Most of the cows went to summer pasture this morning. This is Rita. She has been very standoffish as her mother is. We finally caught her and gave her the baby shot. We kept Candy and her two babies here and Annie whose baby is taking its time getting here. When it gets here and has its shots and banding if necessary those will go up too.

Yesterday I took a walk about 1/2 mile from home is all. I always stick a couple of bags in my pockets. I filled both of these with plastic bottle, glass bottles and a few aluminum cans. It is disgusting to me. I will walk the other way today when I go. And take a couple of bags. I just don't understand people throwing their garbage out as they drive along. We who live out here will just have to keep picking it up I guess.

These are so pretty every spring popping up all over the place. Don't know what they are, think I have said that before, but love them and they brighten things up.

Sage having her breakfast. She ties out now so she is happily eating. She just gets more loving and comfortable around different stuff all the time.

This is a sad sad story. I am not telling it to point fingers, just to relate what has happened. A couple bought this house and had some animals. Their daughter had a horse and rode almost every day. She seemed happy. She had a boyfriend that rode with her some days. Mom works. One day Mom and Dad had a fight and Dad moved out and took most of the animals. He left her horse. The divorce itself is not the issue although it appears to have been contentious. One day the police, ambulance and all sorts of people were down there. Daughter had committed suicide because her boyfriend broke up with her. Please, please if you have daughters, teach them, talk to them, whatever you do that boys or men do not make or break your life. They, the girls, are bigger than that, they have power in their lives, they can do without a man. Especially at 16 years old. She was beautiful, she had an entire life in front of her. Who knows what else was on her mind but that is the note she left. Such a permanent solution to a temporary problem in her young life. Mom still lives there and walks her dog every day but have never seen her smile again. She walks like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. It probably is.

Blessings, to her and to all.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Its been a busy weekend.

Seth turned 12 on Friday but had a little celebration on Saturday afternoon. He got money from everyone because he is saving for some piece of electronic stuff that I can't remember what was. He is going to go to Middle School this fall and I am sure he will turn out for basketball. He is going to be tall and that, next to drumming is his love. That is his Aunt Debbie sitting beside him and we were all laughing because they were trick candles.

I don't know whose horse this is but that was such a cute baby I just stopped ands took his picture while he was taking an afternoon nap.

Saturday we worked around here and then off to Seth's party. Came home fed and went to our Back Country Horsemen meeting in Hayden, Idaho. I was so bushed when we got home I just collapsed into bed.

We went to church this morning and while we were in town we went to Big R for some salt blocks and chicken feed ect. We just ambled around and looked at things. I could spend a fortune in there.

This afternoon Chrissy, Wendy and Nikki came out to get Bob's old dresser. They were glad to get it and we were glad its gone. Wendy did some things on my computer that needed doing and I didn't know how. Bless her heart. She keeps me straight.

I put Sage out to eat grass but she decided she did not want to stay in the back yard so I went and picked up the rope and took her out by the road to eat. She did not mind the cars, nor the motorcycle but she freaked out at a lady walking. That does not make sense. I have her going in and out of the trailer calmly. That was a big step. We are getting closer to the first step up on her back.

I am having a terrible time with this diet the doctor wants me on for a month. When you do not have a gall bladder all this salad does not work well. I spent 50.00 at the grocery store this afternoon on fruit and veggies for me to eat. Must figure out the protein though. I do not have any energy and I know its not good for me to have 1 hard boiled egg a day. Just am doing the best I can.


Pushing to 1000

824. A lovely bride
825. A handsome groom
826. A 10.00 Pony
827. Our new generator
828. Zip lock bags
829. Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream
830. Homemade maple syrup0
831. US Flag flying in the breeze
832. A great trail ride
833. Grandma's jewelry
834. Jazzy arrived this AM fit as a fiddle
835. Lilianna turns 4
836. Chickens that come when I call
837. Baby killdeer
838. Riding through Pepper's tantrum
839. The Art of Racing In the Rain by Garth Stein
840. The survivors of the terrible tornadoes
841. Possessions being returned
842. Non stick aluminum foil
843. Joe, our dear friend who passed away and we know that we know where he is. RIP
844. Getting the trailer organized.
845. The trailer cupboards washed good
846. Getting a saddle on Sage with no problem
847, Another new baby calf healthy
848. Corn on the cob
849 Fresh asparagus
850 Jeremiah 29:11
851. Putting all my weight on Sage.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Auction, Yard Sale Day

We have not had a day like this for a long time. We left home 7:15 this morning for the auction. Not a lot that I wanted to pay much for but we did get 5 chairs. Three metal folding chairs and 2 oak chairs. Not alike. One needs a little repair but will be beautiful when I get them all painted.

We came home had a little lunch and went to look at some pasture for the cows and their babies. Its 20 acres with good fencing and they will water all for free. Bob was so tickled. Now if the last of the calves would arrive, we would be all set.

On the way home from the auction we had stopped at a yard sale and bought a lovely chest of drawers for Bob. It holds way more than his old one which is OLD. It was my step dads. We got some other things too, smaller items. After looking at the pasture, we stopped and picked it up. And then we stopped at another yard sale and bought a beautiful set of wicker arm chairs and a little matching table. Bob will go get them in the morning. Good buys on all of the things. It was a fun day.

When we got home we put Candy and her two children out to pasture. Jazzy ran like a racehorse around and around. Marco made one lap and then just looked at her. Candy was too busy eating grass. We put the horses out to eat. Rosie and Pepper get tied out and Sage just stays close. I put the pasture horses out to eat too. They are all looking good.

I am hang dog tired and my feet are shouting at me so think my day is about over.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Great Birthday

The Spokane River is flooding like so many others. The geese were enjoying this.
Isn't she cute. She is 5 days old and her name is Hazel. She is a cutie.

My sister Sharon sent me the shirt. I do love Tennessee. Especially because that is where my one and only sister lives. I was putting Sage away after she had been eating grass for a couple of hours.

The birdhouse Katie got me. It is so cute. I love it.

Rosie that we can tie anywhere and she eats and never pulls. If gas gets over 4.00 a gallon, she is going to get used ALOT. She loves to pull a cart. They better start putting hitch rails up around like they have in Amish country.

Bob got called out to a Search and Rescue at 4 this AM. They found the boy and girl who had been riding a motorcycle when it broke down and they "happened" to find an abandoned camper. A 17 year old boy and a 14 year old girlfriend sounds a little fishy to me. It got quite a group of people and their parents out looking.

Bob got me a laptop computer. I wanted one so bad. Now I need to get a Router what ever that is for it to work right. I have wanted one, a laptop, so I can take it places with me but I do need some help getting it set up. Love love love it.

We went out to look at a farm auction that is going to be tomorrow. A couple of things I would like. Then we went and got a load of hay and I got to play with their baby mule. She is a spitfire. Then we came home, cleaned up and went to dinner. I mostly ate salad and veggies but I did have a spoonful of mashed potatoes and gravy, no dessert though. Dr. Fuhs better appreciate this. I may never want to look at a salad again when this month is out.

So it was a good day. Nothing exciting to others but it was a fun day for me just spending it with Bob and not being hurried up.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Check Spelling
These are all older pictures of Sage. Today was a great day with her but its very hard to get pictures when I am working close with her. Today Bob held her for me by a bale of hay and I layed my entire weight on her and rubbed and rubbed her. I did it over and over. She did not raise her head or pin her ears. She just stood there relaxed. She did look one way what my hands were doing on that side of her and then at what the rest of me was doing hanging on the other side. She did not step away, just stood there. I wanted to do a happy dance for sure. Then I took her and let her eat grass for about an hour.

Thank you for your kind words in your comment. That is kind of how I feel today. I will do the best I can, Cindy, and Dr. Fuhs will have to live with it. It has been 8 years since he put in my stent and for the most part all has been well.

Love our nice weather. have been waiting for it.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LalalalalalalalalalaLa I am not listening

No new pictures tonight but these were cheery and I sort of need that this evening.
Today was my checkup visit with my cardiologist. I feel so good I thought he might just pat me on the head and say see you in six months.

Well that didn't happen. I have not gained an ounce and the only part of my recent blood work was my triglycerides were high but they always are no matter how good I eat or the exercise I get. BUT he told me he wanted me to lost 30 pounds and to not eat any type of bread or bread products and no potatoes or rice and to eat only yogurt and salads for the next month. I have been eating good and only having ice cream occasionally.

I will start getting more exercise when our weather improves. Anyway I am whining and admit it. I can not eat like that. So, I am kind of down in the dumps this evening. They drew blood to see if I am diabetic. I am not 3 weeks ago my blood sugar was 104. That sounds normal to be. Oh well. I will be 73 this week and I am doing the best I can. Dr. Fuhs, I am not listening.

Before I had to go to town and see my wretched doctor, I did play with Sage a little bit. I used Cowboy Magic on her mane and got the dreadlocks and wind knots all out. Most of her mane was fine but about 4" in the middle was a mess. Its all pretty now.