Friday, May 1, 2009

A scrambled brain

I said I would post today but it will be shorter than yesterdays. Muscle relaxers and pain pills have made things easier today but when they wear off, I know why I am taking them. Makes my mind very slow to function. Tomorrow will be better.

Thursday or should I say Friday am

Just a quick post here. I promise to sit down and write a decent post tomorrow. This evening on the way to the Mustang Horse Club meeting I was rearended. My little Kia vs. a large older Bronco. My car is driveable but needs help and I will be fine. Just got home from the emergency room. Nothing is broken but I sure do have a sore neck and back. I was going 50 and touched my brakes. He got me.

We cancelled the Mustang Campout. Andrea has a concussion and I hurt and the doctor told me not to ride for a few days so Andrea and I are both grounded, plus our well is down again and Bob must get that fixed.

Arlene if you want to call me, we can schedule a day to come and do you compliance checks for your titles.

Thanks all for your prayers in advance.