Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Grandma and Aunt Julia

Bless Nikki's little heart. Here is the picture I have been trying to get here for three days. I believe it was taken around 1900. My grandmother had not married yet. Her sister Julia was, I thought the youngest of many children but I may be wrong. She was younger than Grandma. Grandma is the one on the left with the foal standing by the horses side.
To me this is an absolutely heart grabbing picture. My grandma is the one who passed on to me my horse love. It is such a treasure and I am so glad to have at least a copy of it. My sister posted it on Facebook. I had never seen it before.
Special blessings to you Nikki for helping me and special blessings to Sharon for posting it. I love you both (with or without the picture of course).
Blessings to you all


I have the most wonderful picture of my grandmother when she was young and her younger sister riding horses in Montana. I have been trying two days to get it loaded but it will not no matter how I do it. This is ridiculous and and I really frustrated. I had some other old pictures to load but when that one would not I just gave up. My sister and daughter have both tried and we can't get it. It makes me so sad.

So that's whats happening inside the house. I have been tieing Sage to the hitch rail when I am mucking the barn. She stands there pretty well. Yesterday I took a small white bucket down with her grain in it and she wigged out the the tie ring held strong and she could not get away. I just proceeded with what I was doing and tied it to the hitch rail and walked away. Pretty soon she was eating it. Today she just wigged out the same because it was still tied there and swinging in the wind. I just tied her and left her and I did not put grain in it.

It has turned very cold here. I am so ready for spring. We had a little snow this morning but it did not stay and the wind is blowing. Not weather to work a horse in. I was going to put the saddle on her yesterday but I could not lift it up. She was not too nervous about it. The bucket was a bigger challenge.

I will try later to see if I can figure this out. So until later (maybe).