Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Empty Baskets

Nine empty baskets just waiting to be filled with some kinds of Christmas goodies. I will bake next week, and make fudge and all the good stuff that will be the downfall of my hard fought weight loss. I fill the baskets and Bob takes them to the neighbors for me. Love doing that and I think the neighbors love to see him coming.

I had a delightful morning with Linda and some of her friends. We had coffee (well I had juice) at Chaps. What a nice little place. It was fun to meet Linda face to face and to meet other new friends. All are "horsey" people. Thanks you Linda for inviting me.

Almost finished my shopping this afternoon. Not quite. But almost. I need to go back to Pier One because I forgot something, and I need to find what I know Tom wants in my price range and to think of something for a son in law. I knew what I wanted to get him for his birthday but my mind is blank now. Come on brain kick in.

This evening I had a break through with Rusty. YAHOOOOOOO. When I took her hay in to her this evening she came right up to me. I held out some hay to her and she took it. I did not try to touch her, I just talked to her. I was so proud of her. I would have taken a hold of her halter if I had not put her hay in her feeder. We try not to interfere when we feed them. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe she thinks if I am going to feed her she had better be nice to me.

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  1. So glad you came, Lea. I would have liked to have picked your brain a bit more about Mustangs, but that will be for another time. I learned a few interesting tidbits today--like the "piling". LOL. I worked with my pony today, too. She's never going to be like yours, but I was reinspired to keep trying after talking about her this morning. Maybe some day soon you can come out and take a look at her and give me your opinion. Oh, and meet Beautiful, too. (Just overlook the mud and muck).