Monday, July 16, 2012

Muggy Day

Up at the Indian Cliffs view point where we had lunch. Pepper is on your left and Sage on your right. They were tied to dead stumps. Sage was hot and tired by that time and would have stood any where. It is there that we left in a hurry about 15 minutes later.

Bob and Linda.

On a break going up the hill to the vista. We needed to let the horses catch their breath.

Part of our group resting in the shade. This was on our way to the top. The was the clear place I was most worried about with the lightening. We got across it much faster going down. It had kind of blown over but we were worried.

It has been humid today. The boys are siphoning out the pool. It looked pretty gross. They will fill it back up.

I worked with Sage this morning. I didn't saddle her, just worked at changing directions and stopping and roll backs. She does it so well in the round pen. We will see how she does under saddle. I did not ride her because the wind was blowing and I didn't feel quite up to getting my saddle out of the trailer where it still is. Maybe Bob will get it out for me in the morning.

Nothing much else, just kids, house, laundry ect.