Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rusty in the spotlight tonight

Is this not a beautiful mane? We used Cowboy Magic on it and got all the wind knots out. Lost alot brushing but it is still beautiful. I think Amelia's is a runner up but this is the prettiest mane on our place. Bob has been working with her again.

This is a metal sign Nikki brought me. I love it, just love it. We put it up in the barn today. Thank you again Nikki. It was very thoughtful of you.

This is one I got Bob when I was off somewhere.

I did not actually put Sage in the round pen today but I groomed her all over and brushed her pretty tail all out, braided it and put it in a tail bag. She did not mind. I don't think I mentioned yesterday that Bob trimmed her front feet last night after we took the saddle off. For the most part she just stood there. Good girl. I almost can handle her hind feet now. She is coming along.

The pump guy did not get here today. I want a shower and have laundry to do. Dang. They know they have us over a barrel.