Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is Ed.  He was born on Saturday.  After a long and tough labor his Mama died and he was delivered by C section minutes later.  She had hurt her hip on the ice and we had been babying her along hoping she could have the baby OK.  She didn't.  He is at least 3 weeks early, really tiny.  He could not suck or stand.  And to top it all off, we were gone.  We were in Ellensburg at the Back Country Horsemen Rendezvous.  We had ridden with Bob and Vikki.  He is the state president so we could not come home.  How do you even say thank you to your neighbors who stepped in and took care of everything.  Shannan, John and Teresa and Katie. 

We came home to this little guy in a blue tote in Shannan's kitchen.  He got all the shots he needed.  Can't remember all of them but they probably saved his life.  Shannan had to go out of town and Ed got moved to Teresa and John's.  She is a pediatric neonatal nurse and she took care of him like he was a human baby.  He is recovering much faster however.  Yesterday mid day he sucked for the first time and this evening he sucked 16 oz down.  He got up on his own today.  They put him in a larger cattle waterer because he learned how to step out this morning and they didn't want him walking around her living room.  She hasn't had to tube him since Sunday night.  He will come home to us over this coming weekend.  He was pretty active this evening.  He will have to be in the house for a couple of weeks.  He does not have the ability to adjust his body temperature yet.  We did take his sweatshirt off today.

I know I am going on about Ed but to us he is a little miracle.  He probably does not weigh 30 pounds and is really tiny.  He is smaller than Katie's Golden Retrievers.

But all that aside, we had a grand time at the Rendezvous.  Spent more money than I should but got some things at the silent auction and the bucket raffle.  Plus I bought a beautiful necklace I will have to take a picture of and post it when it comes.  She had to do some lengthening and touching up the picture.  It is purple with a teardrop with a picture of Sage's head on it.  Just could not resist.   Barb Apple had a 3 part clinic and went to a couple of them.  Not the best clinic I have gone to but learned some things.  She does things differently than I have learned.  That is OK though.  And being with Bob and Vikki we sat at the presidents table and they called us the dignitaries.  I have never been a dignitary before.

The weather this week stinks.  Well not literally but it has snowed, hailed, and the wind has been treacherous.  It was better today but it is coming back tomorrow.  Snow has been predicted.  Spring starts tomorrow but no one told ol mother nature. 

Loving you all, blessings.