Sunday, September 13, 2009

An addition to Sunday

First of all, Raven is OK today, the diarreah is gone, her gums are normal and she is happy. We put her out and will look at her in the morning. It was scarey. Her temp was very normal this morning too.

And Anita, they feed the milk to the pigs. We get milk from Shannon who lives down the road. She feeds her milk to her mules. Crazy huh. We don't buy milk anymore. We will when kids come though unless we don't tell them. She gives us to us.

Saturday Smiles on Sunday

Farmer Williams returning a tractor he borrowed while ours was down.I had to smile as I followed him down the road. Hope you do too.

I feel awful with a cold and sorethroat. Will go to the doctor in the morning. I know they can not treat a cold but think its a lulu of a sinus thingy.