Friday, December 9, 2011

Still lots of fog

On the 9th day of Christmas I have NINE mismatched forks.

Today I drove for the first time since Dr. Horn carved on my hand. I could take a hold of the steering wheel. I saw no need of waiting another almost 3 weeks and I had things to do.

I have sure been enjoying the NFR. I would love to be there but I imagine all 10 days would cost a fortune. That is what I would want to do. There are 2 competitors from Spokane, or close by. From Colbert and Cheney.

I wonder when the fog is going to let up. I need to get some pictures of the frozen fog on the trees. It is beautiful. I was out in the valley today and the sun was shining but not here. The fog has not lifted for ever it seems.

Our granddaughter Coreen came by today on her way back to Pullman. She will be home for Christmas, at least to her mother and step dad's. It was good to see her.