Saturday, February 21, 2009


Christyn went home from the hospital this afternoon. I think it was a little soon but guess that is the way it is now days. We went in to see her this morning and she was having trouble managing her pain without the little button to push. She would not take Oxycontin so I hope that being in her own bed resting will help.

It was sunny and beautiful today. I should have gone and rode my horse but had things to do inside. If its decent tomorrow I might. Do have some things we need to do tomorrow after church but I am hoping.

We will be leaving pretty soon for our Back Country Horsemen meeting in Hayden, Idaho. I hope I don't fall asleep. I want to have some of them put up posters that I have about the Albany Horse Fair in March. It will have and Extreme Mustang Makeover that I want to see badly and the Extreme Trail Race with Craig Cameron. Am looking foreward to see that too. I think Kathy Spring is going with me. It will be alot of fun. We have our motel reservations and I have accepted the fact that I have to drive in the greater Portland traffic. I don't like the thought of that but it can't be worse than Seattle and I drive thru there with no problem.

The following weekend in March we (Bob and I) will be in Lewiston at the fairgrounds at the Outdoor Show. Our back country group has a part in it. We have gone every year for 3 years I think. Do you live any place close to the fairgrounds Barbara?

It was fun to look out today and see all our horses either laying down basking in the sun or standing with their heads down enjoying it. The cows layed down and chewed their cud and Baxter and Clyde did that too.

Have a good evening.