Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lazy Me

I think this is Abby.
Violet the baby mule.

Shannon's mule Molly Bea

Bob and Cody

Violet again

I was just plain lazy today. Worked my tail off all week and today I just layed around. I did go out and work Sage for a bit but forgot to take the camera down with me. She did everything I asked except back over the pole. Finally she did but it took me a long time. I found myself getting frustrated and that does not work either. I didn't ride. Guess I should have but had no one to help me get the saddle on her and its really tough for me to get it up on her back decent. She is very patient with me flipped and moving and bouncing it around but I just didn't feel like it today. I think the stress of the last couple of weeks with our neighbor and things related to him dying caught up with me today. Tomorrow will be better and I can get my feet back under me.

So rather than whine about stuff I will just wish you all good night and say Blessings.