Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not An April Fool

Bob looked out our bedroom window and low and behold, there were 3 horses in our yard eating. The wind had blown the panels over. This is Peanut. He was chomping away at the green grass that has sprung up.
And, Rusty and Cody eating away too. Bob went down and fixed the panel and they went right back where they belonged.

Peanut came right up to us and said HI. This new grass is good. Then he ran right after the other two. No big trauma for anyone. I know they had not been out there long. I had looked within the half hour but they were sure happy to have the grass.

Sage and Ditto in the back ground wishing they were out there with them.

On the 23rd. I will have been blogging 4 years. Everyone who comments between now and then will win a prize. It will be a surprise but you will like it. Everyone who comments will get their name and I will draw after 5 our time on the 23rd.

God played an April Fool joke on us. When we left for church it was snowing. It turned to a real downpour. This afternoon was clear though. Tomorrow is predicted no rain so maybe I can ride. That would be great.