Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This little busy was droopy under the weight of the very wet snow we had yesterday. And the poor little truck someone left out there. The snow is about gone today.
That is the word for tomorrow
I had quite a time today and it really was my own fault but still not too much fun. When I went in to put Cody and Rusty in their pen for the night and to feed them, I did not latch the gate. I just closed it. Wrong thing to do. Rusty and Cody went in the pen just fine and Rusty went right straight to the gate and pushed it open with her chest and off they went on a romp around the barn and around, and around. I put their hay in their feeder and thought they would go in. Wrong again. The neighbor had been watching us run around the barn. Well they were running, I was walking. Wayman stood there and waved his arms at them when they came around the barn and guess what. They went right in their pen. He is not crazy about horses and he usually is not sober but he was this evening. I appreciated it a lot.
Remember only five more days to comment here on the blog to have an entry for the give away. The candle and candle holder are really cute. At least I think so. I love cardinals.
Hope your Wednesday is happy.