Thursday, September 15, 2011

75 to a Thousand

Only 75 to go to reach the goal of listing 1000 blessings.

905. Our hay is in
906. Standing up for what I believe
907. A lovely bride- Kayleigh
908. A beautiful bride - Katy
909. Handsome grooms - Justin and Cameron
910. A profitable weekend
911. Having fun with extended family at picnic
912. A wonderful Labor Day weekend
913. The bee stings did not make me sick
914. meeting new horsey friends
915. Chrissy's surgery was successful
916. The big cedar tree as large as some of the redwoods.
917. New recipes that are a hit
918. Thank you notes that you did not expect
919. The photo challenge
920. home made raspberry jam
921. old photos that bring back wonderful memories
922. Neighbors that share
923. Grandson turning 13
924. Fresh corn on the cob
925. A new home for Cody