Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Blessings - you can bet I will make 1000

446, New back porch

447. My grandmother Foremans pink depresseion glasses. I have an entire service.

448. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (a movie)

449. A week away

450 Steens Mountains

451. Kiger Gorge

452. Golden Aspen Trees

453. Antelopes - lots of them

454. Big Horn sheep

455. Our kids remembering our anniversary.

456 Leaves that crunch when you walk thru them.

457. nearing the end of all the election broohaha

458 53 years with Bob

459 home made bread

460 Raspberry jam

461Cool crisp nignts with bright sunny days

462Visiting with Andi

463 A visit with Wendy at the corrals

464 A car that regularly get over 35 mpg

465We live in a country we can really vote

466Foaming hand sanitizer

467 Lunch with friends.

468 Blogs I find that give me courage and some times with laughs

469 A walk with Sagew

470 Being at the stop of Steens moutain 10,004 on Bob's GPS

471 Clean Rest Areas

472 Taking flowers to Tom's grave.

Indian Summer

My picture for yesterday - Framed - Mt. Rainer framed in my windshield as I was driving to Ellensburbg. Yes, I took it while I was driving.
A couple of pictures left from our trip. Then that is all. Yesterday I drove to Ellensburg to a Washington State Horsemen meeting, left there at 3:30 and got home at 6 and at 6:15 I left with Bob to a Back Country Horsemen meeting. Today I did not get up until 10. I was very tuckered out. I got the tomato sauce in the freezer and started a batch of spaghetti sauce. I baked some cookies, mowed the lawn and worked with Sage. I will tell you about that on down here. No pictures though.
This is a set of Rommel Reins. They cost $95.00 and I want to sell them for 50.00. They have never been used. Let me know if you are interested. I am going to put them on Craigslist tomorrow.

A wagon at OxBow wagon shop in Canyon City, Oregon. I don't know what kind of a wagon it was. I have bought harness from this man.

A bluff out in southern Oregon. On the way to Paisley as I recall. I think that the terrain is so beautiful and unusual there.
After I finished mowing the front and back lawn with a mower that needs power steering, I hope its the last time this year, I got Sage out. She accepts the halter so easily. I am so proud of her. I took her over to the lawn to eat a bit and then we went for a walk. I brushed her and curried her while she was eating. She is really getting her winter coat and where she is black, it is shiny black. I looked at her and laughed. My oh my she is going to be big. She is quite butt high. A growth spurt. If you don't know, horses do not grow both ends at the same time. The rear end grows and then the front end catches up with it. I can not see over her hips. I took her for a walk after she had eaten grass for a bit. We went over by where Bob was unloading some hay and he had to move the truck. She was not scared at all. We walked on by there and over by the goat. Oliver came over and they touched noses and then we just walked on. Even the chickens squawking didn't spook her today. Then just around the barn and back to her pen. I was so proud of her. She tolerated Bob rubbing on her but comes back to me. I have said it before but oh do I love that horse.