Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just a day

My tomato and pepper plants. So much rain has fallen that they are just kind of sitting there. I am so hungry for a fresh ripe tomato.
This is the mare we have in for training. She is 5 or 6 years old - a Kiger mare that has never been handled. Just been a brood mare for mule babies. Her feet are horrid and we need to get her gentled so that can be done before we worry about anything else. She is very aggressive and does not want to be gentled any more than she has been. She will take grass out of my hand but touching her is another story.

This is what Sage does when I try to get close to her. The pen is just too small to work that big horse in.
Fatty Amelia. She is on a dry lot diet. She was so thin when she came but now, no way. She does not like being in there but for her welfare, that is where she is.

Out bottle baby calf Jack. He thinks I am his mother. He has graduated from a bottle to a nipple bucket because I was not taking 3 bottles to the barn. Or running back and forth mixing more.s He is a cute guy - reminds me of George that we had 2 or 3 years ago.
My head is healing fine. It just is a big red blob now. We went to Walmart this morning and people looked at me strange. I did a bad thing and did not call Nikki or Christy last night. I have apologized. I really was just disgusted with myself.
So, that's life on Calico Acres Farm. Have a gazillion things to do tomorrow before leaving for Longview and the mustang adoption this weekend. I am excited to get to go up and see Nikki on Sunday on our way home and celebrate her and Dustins birthdays.