Thursday, December 16, 2010

HE IS HOME - and some bragging

Pepper is hope, a shaved neck and he was hungry but he is well. The picture was taken last summer. Thank you all for your prayers and love expressed to him and to us. We need to add more salt to his feed so he drinks more. They have water with a heater in it but he needed more. So add the salt and keep him in is our motto. He is a valuable horse. $1,047 to save him. The biggest part of the bill was intensive care. I know our vet was up with him most of the night. Bob did not get home until about midnight and the IV had to be changed in 2 hrs. Thank you Dr. Jed McKinley. He has been our vet since he first came to Spokane from Canada shortly after he graduated from the WSU vet school. He put himself mostly thru college by rodeoing. He was a good bareback bronc rider. Thanks again everyone. Sage wanting out the gate. My camera is acting weird so I didn't get any better picture but she had a hold on the bottom of my coat telling me to hurry up. When I did take her out we went for a walk out to the road and around. She had a couple of little levitation's but mostly she just walked around with me. She was very alert and looked at stuff after she jumped first.
These next pictures are just simply bragging I guess. All the stuff that I still have on the walls of the office but when I showed. I showed first Ditto, then Glory, Rosie (Wild Rose), Mel, and Tango. Glory was a minimal white paint, Mel was a palomino appy and Tango was a paint. I don't have any of them anymore. I also have a cabinet full of trophies and stuff. It gives me good memories. I have donated alot of ribbons and some trophies for different things. Considering I did not start until I was 50 - makes me proud of my accomplishments.

I won't do this again but was feeling nostalgic one day when I was in the office and was looking at it all.
Took a good long nap today, made up for not much sleep last night.

Thank you

Just a quickie this morning to tell you Pepper is going to be OK. He got two 5 gallon IV's. One they ran in pretty fast, the other no so fast. He had pooped this morning and was hungry. Without the IV's we would have lost him. I think that is my Christmas present though. Way more than a laptop in cost. Thank you all so much for praying or good thoughts or whatever is your way. It worked. When Bob left the clinic about midnight the vet said, go home and pray, this one is a tough one.