Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We did it.

Storm cloud leaving us.

And a gorgeous sunset. The air is hazy because of the fires in eastern Washington.

Our grandson Dustin and his friend Andrea. They stopped by this afternoon to get his guitar and some things for him like peppers and tomatoes from the garden and some things I wanted to send to Nikki.

Our handsome Dustin. Love that boy. He is 29 and shows no interest in getting married. That is OK. When he meets the right one he will or not. Which ever is just fine.

I rode Sage today for over an hour. She did good. I worked her for almost an hour and then rode her for over an hour in the arena. She got stubborn at one point and I had to really pop her to make her go. She thought she should be done and planted her feet. However, I turned her in circles, flexed her and did it the other way. Several times. I did it with out a baby sitter here watching me. I got tired or waiting for someone to get here and so I just did it. I thought Bob would yell at me but he just asked me how she did. She is a little tougher to the right but we worked on it.

We leave tomorrow at noon so you probably will not hear from me again until the 1st. or second.

I will check messages in the morning and then off goes the computer for a good rest. Maybe it will work better after a rest.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hard Work

A long day but much accomplished. We had a big thunder boomer storm last night and lots of rain. Marilyn came this morning for our pre trip work out. was raining and Sage was full of it. I saddled her and started out in preparation to riding NOT. She bucked, kicked up her heels and all in all said "I am not doing it." Well with Marilyn's less than 74 yrs of energy got her doing it. She ended up doing it of course. But, I did not ride. It was pouring rain and Sage was not ready. Soooooooooooo I worked her after lunch and the sun had come out. She was much better. Then Bob put fly spray on her with the spray bottle and she has not forgiven him yet. The workout was better however. So after we had dinner, I went and worked her again. She was very cooperative and did all I asked of her UNTIL Bob came in to clean our her feet. She freaked out when he came near her. So that was a battle with her doing her usual when stressed on the rope - straight up and running back. So he had to work with her until she would let him pick up her feet and let him pet her. Then she started looking in his pockets for treats like he gave her early in the day. Fly spray terrified her and she has not forgiven him yet.

She will forgive him, she did Marilyn when she really got after her. She even likes Marilyn now. BUT she is mine. If Marilyn is fixing something, I have to leave the round pen because she looks to me or comes to me. I like that but I don't want her mad at Bob. She looked really scared of him.

We sure could use the rain this morning. Everything perked up but we did not need the lightening. It started several fires but I think they got them all under control or out. I am always nervous during fire season. We have a large hay field across the road and there is wheat fields all around that. Houses in some places. We keep lots of green space around the house and the pasture is watered as we can but its pretty dry.

We are about ready to leave on Thursday. Had to make 4 days of food, freeze and get ready to pack in dry ice in the ice chest pack. We had not done it this way before. Bernie and Sherrie cook in camp, Angelo and Joyce take meals all cooked, just thaw out and eat. We will see which works best. I baked pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, made spaghetti (enough for an army as usual and froze what was extra) and a meat loaf. And we will have steak one evening. It all sounds good. I am a little worried about sleeping on a little cot in a tent 7 nights.

Blessings to you all,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tinkerbelle is Visiting

Our Tinkerbell on her first horse back ride. I would not ordinarily let someone ride with what she was wearing but 5 minutes on Rosie with us hanging on was OK. She had never done that before and she was a little apprehensive but she did good.
That smiley face - just want to kiss her cheeks.

Into the pool off the fence. She is a fish.

My Sloggers that Chrissy got me just because. I love them. Won't I make a statement slogging around in the mud and water this fall. Love them.

Bob worked all day off and on today getting ready for our pack trip. Its a good think he knows what he is doing.

Thank you so much Lori from C ing Spots Appaloosas for purchasing the rug. You are a sweet friend even though I have never met you. She has a mustang named Eagle that she is about to get on for the first time. Wish I was there to take a picture. Thanks Lori.

So my day was mostly spent entertaining our great granddaughter. It is so fun to have her once in a while. Thank you Mama for sharing her with us.


Thursday, August 16, 2012


For Sale - I crocheted it myself. I would like 35.00 for it. It really lays flat but has been rolled up.

Sage wondering what she is doing out there. I put her out with Pepper, Wrangler and the 2 donks. She didn't like it too much and did not go out into the pasture for quite a while. She wanted to go back to her pen.

She wanted me to stay with her. I did for a while. She was not as brave as I thought she would be.

Yuma said what are you doing out here? Do you have any treats for me?

Ezra wanted treats too.

Usually we get one egg from there. I was surprised there were 4.

My tomato jungle. Getting ripe.

Raspberries that I picked later in the day. Some are too high for me. Bob will have to pick them in the morning and then I will make another batch of jam.

I am glad to be feeling better. Still am coughing some but every day is better.

Monday I went out to my friend Vikki's in Deer Park and she got me started on a quilt. She makes all of her by hand. No sewing machine on any of hers. I have 4 squares done. I need to go out tomorrow and get some help with a couple of things. The hardest part is threading that tiny needle and I can't figure out the needle threader that will work on the tiny needle. Probably easy but not working for me.

We are preparing to go on a packing trip next week. Bob is doing most of the getting stuff together because he has done it before. We are not leaving until Thursday. This is going to be an adventure.

Its good to be blogging again. Hate feeling crummy. This virus seems to be going around though.


Saturday, August 11, 2012


Poor Yuma. His nose took a hit from being nosey.

I got home Thursday afternoon. I came home sick. Finally today I feel like I might be starting to get over it. If the cough was gone I would be "more better". Anyway, maybe I can get back to my blog.

The trip was sad of course but I have never been to a funeral for a more honored person. The Fire Department and the military made it really a memorable event. The fly over did not happen because of the very stormy weather but everything else was just so perfect. To us, he was just Brownie always funny and loveable but to his world he was a person of honor and respect.

So me and an upper respiratory infection are home and I have not even been out to see Sage. Just to the doctor yesterday and then to bed and mostly that is where I have been.

Loving you all, Blessings to each of you.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

In TN.

Letting all my friends know that we made it to Nashville via Atlanta.  Good flight with a little rough in a couple of spots.

My sister is doing OK, funeral tomorrow.  We are just praying to get through this weekend.  It is warm here but not as bad as I thought it would be.  The humidity is what kills me.  Thank goodness for AC. 

Hope all is well with each of you. 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Sad Day

My sad faced donkey's. They are missing their friend Chemmy. Bob loaned (I think gave) him to some folks.

I am sad because my darling brother in love went to be with Jesus today. I will be gone for a while. Leave in the AM. Thanks for your prayers.