Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Big Help

I sure found out the holes quickly in Sages training.

#1 I have been to soft with her. I need to get on her more when she is disrespectful. I love her and she loves me but she can't do some of the things I have been letting her do, like working in the round pen and refusing to leave a walk. Tough Lea, get tough.

#2 I did not teach her to lower her head. Instead of lowering her head I stood on my step stool to bridle her. No Lea, get her to lower her head.

3# Moving her rear end and her front end separately. Be more aggressive Lea.

#4 Don't be so anxious to ride her before we get the ground work caught up.

#5 Work her longer each time and days in a row. Even if Bob is not here I can do ground work.

I am not as agile as Marilyn but there are those things I can do. She had her lowering her head clear to the ground and leaving it there in about 10 minutes. When she was all done, she got on her bareback and got her moving. The things she told me are all things I know and some of them I did and she was doing them but then I let them be, like the plastic bag. She was very relaxed when it was over and I was happy. I took some pictures and will post them tomorrow.

Then we took them out to dinner and we had a good conversation.