Tuesday, June 4, 2013

 Two horses a goat and Katie.  Abby and Pepper saying hello and Raspberry wanting to be a part of it.  These are more pictures from my files. 
 Sheya waling down the Lane with Ditto and Rosie.  She is my horse crazy granddaughter.  As soon as school is out I am going to see if she wants to come stay with me for a while.

Tyler and Pepper up on Marie Creek I think.  He loved Pepper and he was a pretty good rider.  I really did love the time he was here with us and miss him.  Even if he was a pain to get up in the morning.  Love you Tyler.

I worked Sage really hard this afternoon.  I would have ridden if Bob had been home.  She did everything I asked of her today.  I have a little obstacle course set up in the round pen and she just takes it all in stride.  I love her so much. 

Posting the picture of Star yesterday made me sad.  I miss her too.  But then, I would not have Sage.  Star was a good girl and took me all over the mountains until he legs gave out.  When we had them exrayed it made me sick to see how I had ridden her and how awful they were.  I didn't know.................

The horse I love so much on the Internet adoption is up to almost $1500.00.  A good thing I have Sage.  I could not afford that.  She is drop dead gorgeous though. 

It was a beautiful day.  A friend brought me some tomato plants.  They are all heritage tomatoes.  One is purple but called black.  Also a cantaloupe plant and a pepper plant.  I really did not plant a garden this year but will have oodles of tomatoes for sure.  I had bought two.  It is a good thing we like tomatoes.

Please keep Jimmy in your prayers.  He had surgery today and is not doing very well.  It is so hard on his family.