Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5

Not much to say today.  We are still working on the living room.  Bob has just about got all the wainscoting up.  Just a couple of small places left.  I will start painting tomorrow.  Then he can start helping me paint.  Its not the best thing I do but I want it done. 

Saturday night and Sunday we got about 6" of snow and during the night it started to rain.  So this morning we had a few inches of slop.  I had a hard time getting the car up our little slope up to the road this afternoon.  The main roads were OK.  Our road got  plowed, we are fortunate to live on a school bus route. 

Our daughter Nikki is coming over Thursday to coordinate a wedding.  The mother of the bride is a wedding coordinator too and she has done it up till now and Nikki will take over Thursday.  We probably won't see a lot of her but what we do I will be greatful for.  We went to Everett for Christmas but stayed at our other daughters.  No room for us with all the Christmas stuff.  We saw a lot of her but not enough.  She has had a tough year. 

So nothing really going on in this part of the country.  I promised to keep at this.