Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Day Sun Shine

Here is just a little bitty cut, all that is left of that ugly big one we started out with. I am really amazed. The hair is growing in on the places that were cut.

A picture of me in her eye, taking a picture of her eye.

I got to ride a bit today. She was not as good today and fought the bridle. She acted like it was too tight but its no different than it has been since I have been putting a bridle on her. I may let it out one notch and see where it sits in her mouth tomorrow. It is supposed to be sunny again so I will have a chance at more than one day at a time. I think I upset Bob because he was over working in his shop and I got on and then called him and told him where I was. I don't know if its me or Sage he doesn't trust. What everyone that says he just doesn't want you to get hurt don't understand is I don't want to get hurt. We were in the round pen and I would have gotten off quickly if there was any sign of trouble. I am not irresponsible and I have been riding a long time.

It is supposed to go to 17 tonight which means 15 or less here. So with a little of new bunny babies and a cow ready to drop a calf anytime, it is kind of a worry. That and a full moon?