Friday, October 25, 2013

The top picture is a round pen on some property down the road.  It has wonderful horse facilities but not used.  It makes me so mad.

The bottom picture is my friend Pat riding Wrangler.  She had fun and I hope to get to ride with her again.

Bob is gone elk hunting with our horse Raven.  They will have fun.  He will be gone a week.

I rode Sage almost every day this week.  Today I rode her without anyone being here. She was a little hesitant but we did it.  I was pretty excited about that.  Its the first time we have accomplished that by ourselves. She gets better all along the more I ride her.

We have had to most marvelous fall weather.  It starts out foggy but it burns off and in the afternoon its up to about 70.  Today was cooler.  This is supposed to be a weather change.  No rain, just colder.  In fact really cold at night.

Life is good,