Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A quickie trip to Portland

Mt. Hood from Portland last night on our way to Gresham to our motel. It was so beautiful.

An icky picture of me but I was just loving on my precious uncle. He was 95 three weeks ago and every time I leave I wonder if he will be with us the next time. He is pretty frail but has his same ol sense of humor. He was kind of stumbling when he got up from his chair and I took his arm and held on, I was so afraid he would fall. He grinned at me and told me the floor was uneven. I love him so much.

A stern wheeler going down the Columbia River. Had never seen one on that river before. I imagine it was a cruise of some kind.

We got home a little after 3 and its hot here. It as almost 90. I am not complaining though. It was cold and rainy so long.

Bob leaves and 5 in the morning to drive to the Veterans Hospital in Seattle and get our neighbor who has been there for treatment of cancer in his mouth since April. It will be a long day but that's OK. The gentleman is anxious to get home. I am going over in the morning and air out his house and wipe up the dust and vacuum the rug ect.

Tomorrow its back to Sage. Bob has told me not to get on her here alone so I guess I won't but there are plenty of other things to do for sure. For one thing, I am going to set the sprinkler in her large pen. It really spooks her so we will work on that for one thing. If Shannon comes down I will get on her. She said she might in the afternoon.

Blessings to you all,