Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just another day

 Last night I went into the living room to ask Bob something and this is what I found.  I think the big dogs would have been there too if there  had been room. 
Frozen fog was so pretty on Monday.  This was on out way to Davenport to the auction.  I loved it.

Rosie decided she wanted to go in by herself this evening.  She went by Bob when he was putting Sage and Ditto in.  Ditto always goes in by herself.  He doesn't trust Sage to do it and I think he is right but he has always led Rosie in.  When he came out from locking the doors on Sage and Ditto he found her over talking to Murphy.  He yelled at her and asked her when she belonged.  She just trotted off and went in her stall.  They are so funny.

I can't believe how big Justin is getting.  He is 7 weeks old already and is growing.  His feet are the same size as his cousin that is almost 7 months old.  His mama and daddy are both tall and dad has big feet.

I am trying to get out Christmas lights up.  I just need an extention cord and they mostly are up.  Bob doesn't want me up on a ladder so not too many.  He doesn't want to do it so it will be what it will.

Blessings to you all,

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunshiney Sunday

 The entire family taken Thanksgiving evening.  She cooked a delightful dinner and I am just so proud of her.  Her first turkey was awesome
Here are three more of our grand kids.  Sheya Christyne is 11 and in the 5th grade.  Sitting is Ryan Thomas who is 15 and The tallest in the picture is Seth Christian who is 15.  They are good kids and hard workers.

Today we went to church and the message was just what we needed to hear.  Bob helped Cameron and Katie's Dad put a hot wire up around their dog pen.  Yesterday the dog had some of our chickens for lunch.I hope it works this time

I put some holiday lights out this afternoon but Bob will have to help me find an extention cord meant to be outside. We have some other things in the garage to see if they still are ok.Then I will work on getting the living rood arranged for the Christmas tree

Blessings, peace, love and joy

Monday, November 19, 2012


Its Raining, Its Pouring
and pouring and pouring some more.  We have a lake and where its not water it is mud.  Mercy me.  I would rather have cold and hard ground than this mess. 

When I put Sage out today she nuzzled my pocket when I let her go in the pasture.  Yes I had treats but she had not gotten any.  Yes, I gave her one it was so sweet.  Is she spoiled - the answer is of course Yes, I guess she is.

I have read the Wagon Teamster blog since he left on his first trip.  He had a bad wreck in Mississippi two or three years ago that killed some of his horses and nearly killed him.  He has currently been on trip four and was in Arizona.  He got rear ended in another wreck the other day.  His horses, nor him were injured but his trailer and wagon are.  So he called this trip over.  The horses are on their way to southern Oregon and he will be joining them when he gets back to Colorado to get his truck and a trailer to take them to Oregon also.  He met a lady friend there and is regrouping at her place.  I feel so bad for him. 

My back is better, not well but better.  I only took some ibaprofun this evening after I got dinner. 

I wonder how many pets we can have before they over take us.  This evening our grandson Skylor called and wanted to know if I could keep his cat for him.  He lives with his dad and can't have pets.  Of course I said yes.  So now we have a huge black cat named Moon.  Its a real menagerie.  Chrissy is looking for a new place where they can have River back.  I will be glad to let her go back to them.  I like her but she misses Chrissy.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grey Days

Rather than struggle with trying to get more pictures loaded, I am just going to load this one so you will know Sage is still around.  I seem to not have been so adept at getting pictures of the horses, let alone, our mustangs.  I had just let Sage out this morning and she usually drops and rolls but not today when I had the camera ready.

I hate this time of the year when day after day is grey and dismal and drippy.  We did have a little snow but now its raining again.  .  Every winter I go on about the grey days. 

When I slipped and fell last week I didn't think I hurt myself other than my knee but man oh man has my back hurt.  It much better today.  It gets really bad in the evenings.  Not so bad today though.

I am working on my quilt.  I have about 25 blocks done, it takes 70.  Maybe next year by this time I will be done.  LOL.  When it is though, I will really let out a whoop because it is all hand done.

Bob got 10 tons of hay today for the cows.  We have enough horse hay and now we have enough for the cows. 

So, it is time to get ready to get ready to go to the Back Country Horsemen meeting this evening.    I had Justin for a while today and I have not really gotten dressed, pj bottoms and a T shirt.  I don't think Bob wants me to go dressed like this.  Hope your Sunday is blessed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Bob

Happy Birthday Bob

Today is Bob's birthday.  He is 74.  He went to Marysville yesterday and delivered some meat and got home today  just in time to have dinner and I baked him a cake.  Katie and Justin came and joined us.  Not much of a birthday party but its what it was.  He was at Nikki's last night and the kids were all there.  Lilianna (great granddaughter) who is 5 baked her Papa cookies.  No one could have given him a better present.  He and I have been hanging out together since we were 16 years old.

I fell in the snow on the way to get the paper this morning.  My knee is a little sore.  Didn't get hurt, just pulled my knee in a little bit odd and its telling me about it this evening.

I got so mad at Ditto this evening doing chores.  I have not put a rope on her to bring her in for years, just open the gate and she ambles to her stall.  Tonight she tried Rosie's stall, then Sages and then out the end of the barn.  I finished feeding and told her to go to bed.  I guess she didn't find anything interesting because she went in. 


Monday, November 12, 2012

More Snow

It was snowing hard when I took this but it doesn't seem to show.   The horse in the pen is Murphy, Dave and Marilyn's horse.  Sammy, their other horse had the good sense to be under the shelter.  Murphy is a mustang from the Murphy, Idaho area, hence his name. 

Bob and Pistol went to our daughters today delivering meat to our cousin and a couple who Nikki works for.  They got there fine.  Pistol loves going with Bob and gets her feelings hurt when he doesn't take her.  However, Skeeter and Maggie are very jealous that they didn't get to go.  I don't think River cares. 

We changed the kittens name to Tazzy.  Short for The Tasmanian Devil.  She has been harassing me all day.  Particularly when I sat down to work on my quilting project.  She and Skeeter are asleep on the couch.  I had a picture but it wouldn't load. 

I heard a song last week and I am singing it over and over in my mind -

Sometimes it feels like I'm watching from the outside,
Sometimes it feels like I'm breathing but am I alive
I won't keep searching for answers that aren't here to find,

All I know is I'm not home yet
This is not where I belong
Take this world and give me Jesus
This is not where I belong.

This is how I have been feeling recently.  It has more verses but these are the words that have been pressing on my spirit today.

So much for that, not depressed just thinking - 


Friday, November 9, 2012

This and That

Well, struggling with pictures again.  Got three of four to down load but can't get them apart to write under each of them, so will just do it this way.

The top picture is the sunset this evening.  I stopped in the middle of doing chores to to get my camera and take it.    The second one is out my bedroom window this morning.  We received a couple of inches.  Our temperature at the moment is 30 and that is what it has been all day.  Not much wind thank goodness. 

The bottom picture was taken in Nikki's front yard while I was over there.  I did not see the night crawler until I looked at the picture.  A big sucker for sure.  Loved the colors in the leaf.

This evening I put all three of the horses that are going to be stalled in.  Ditto just goes when you open the gate and I think Sage might have but I did halter her.  She was happy to get in.  Rosie too.  They all got a bit of grain and they think they are really all it and some more besides. 

I did the chores tonight because a neighbor's horse had a heart attack and died this morning.  Bob went to bury it for them.
Not an old horse, not sick, just fell over dead.  It certainly made me thankful for my coming 31 year old horse. 

I wasn't ready for winter but no one asked me. 


Thursday, November 8, 2012


Still no pictures.  My camera didn't seem to work to get a picture of our first snow of the season.  Boy it was cold on my face when I went to put Ditto in.  Sage doesn't need to go in the barn but she thought she did.  She has shelter.  Ditto is so old I put her in the barn in the winter when the weather gets nasty.

Very good news today.  Tracey got Flirt caught and home.  Two from the BLM in Burns, Oregon came to help.  They located her yesterday late afternoon and saw her but it was nearly dark and she had obviously been in the same area for a while.  They had a dart gun and this morning Wendy darted her.  Then got a rope on her and she "led" very wobbly footed out to the trailer and got right in.  So Flirt is home and was hungry and seems to be secure.  She allowed them to touch her and rub her neck and head.  Time will tell when she is not under sedation whether she will be so willing.  9 days is a long time to be looking for a young horse.  It appears she has lost about 100 pounds but otherwise not the worse for wear. 

I will surely try to have pictures tomorrow but no promise. 

Blessings to you all.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


No pictures, they are still in the camera.  I don't think I took too many other than Halloween.  Had a nice visit with Nikki and her family, got to see Chrissy and Wendy's apartment and spend some time with them.  I also went to Seattle to attend the Washington State Horseman's convention.  I don't think it was as largely attentended as past years.  I would have thought so, I heard so many complaints about it always being in Central or Eastern Washington but they still didn't come so I guess we need to have it where ever we can get the best deal.  Next year in Yakima and that really is most handy for me.  Not that it matters much to the others I would imagine.

My friend Tracey who lives in Bellingham had a terrible thing happen.  She adopted a nice yearling from Burns.  She got away from her by crashing through a fence and running away.  They live across the road from lots of hills, timber, logging roads and such.  They have been looking for over a week now.  She has been sighted but unless they got her this afternoon, they have not gotten her to come to hay and other horses penned up where they saw her last.  Please pray.  The BLM is there now trying to help her.  I have been afraid of that every time we have adopted a horse and let it out of the trailer. 

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  It is just about the time we get the first snowfall.  Hope it is just for a few days and not the start of it staying until March.  That has happened.

I am glad to be home.  I have laid around all day not accomplishing much of anything.  I have to tomorrow though.  Laundry does accumulate when you travel and Bob didn't do any while I was gone.  So, I have a weeks worth to do tomorrow.