Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just another day

 Last night I went into the living room to ask Bob something and this is what I found.  I think the big dogs would have been there too if there  had been room. 
Frozen fog was so pretty on Monday.  This was on out way to Davenport to the auction.  I loved it.

Rosie decided she wanted to go in by herself this evening.  She went by Bob when he was putting Sage and Ditto in.  Ditto always goes in by herself.  He doesn't trust Sage to do it and I think he is right but he has always led Rosie in.  When he came out from locking the doors on Sage and Ditto he found her over talking to Murphy.  He yelled at her and asked her when she belonged.  She just trotted off and went in her stall.  They are so funny.

I can't believe how big Justin is getting.  He is 7 weeks old already and is growing.  His feet are the same size as his cousin that is almost 7 months old.  His mama and daddy are both tall and dad has big feet.

I am trying to get out Christmas lights up.  I just need an extention cord and they mostly are up.  Bob doesn't want me up on a ladder so not too many.  He doesn't want to do it so it will be what it will.

Blessings to you all,