Friday, April 8, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

I had to enlist Bob's help to get Sage going. She was not going to the right no matter what I did. She just was not cooperating at all so Bob asked if he could help and of course I said yes. He had a little fight with her but got her going both ways all right. Then I took back over and she went for me. I worked her both way of the pen and got her to woe for me and look at me. Then I groomed her as good as I could with all the mud balls on her. They are coming off though. When I had done that and even brushed her face. She seemed to really like that. We played with the ball. I would roll it and she would follow it. That was progress I am telling you - progress.
Sheya and I on a ride. I ponied her for a couple of reasons. One, she had not ridden any where but the arena and around here by herself. Second, I could not find her bridle. I knew it was in the tack room, not her bridle necessarily but a snaffle bit bridle. I did not trust her hands to put more on Rosie but could not find one except Katie's so I just ponied her. It worked and we rode a couple of miles and had a blast.

So besides the sunshine and nice day we had a most blessed time with our grandchildren. Some really wanted to help with the chores some didn't but that's OK. It was a great time. They are all in at Tom's house tonight because we have a horse thing in the morning and have to leave at 6:30 AM. Not a fun thing for them to do so we let them go. Sunday we will take Lane and Isaac to Wenatchee to meet up with their mother.