Friday, December 28, 2012

The beginning of our holiday

 The day before we left I looked out and there were about 15 quail down on the stack of wood by the round pen.  They are so pretty.
 This was out drive over the Thursday before Christmas Day.  It was snowing hard but the roads were mostly clear.  A little slush here and there.  It was very pretty.  We said to each other, if the truck load of hay was having trouble, he could go back and take it to our place.
This happy guy was on Chrissy's wall as you walk into her apartment it was a good welcome.

It was a long drive, always is, snow when we left but by Moses Lake there was no more until we got to Snoqualamie Pass.  We really prefer Stevens, it is 25 miles closer but it was closed off and on and our luck would have had it closed. 

We did have fun and it was good to fall into bed that night knowing we were with, or close to our girls and their families.