Monday, December 8, 2008

8 ornaments

8 Horse Ornaments.................That I made. I made them several years ago as a give away at a party we hosted. I think they are cute if I do say so.
Finished the tree mostly. Tyler put the new lights on the top half last night so I could decorate it today. Almost am finished sewing too so things are coming along. Tomorrow late morning I am going to try to about finish my shopping. Need to sit down a make a list though or I will forget something.
The rest of the day was same ole, same ole. A grey foggy day but I won't whine about it. The new frig for our trailer got here and it was not damaged. The first one was. Tyler went over it and signed for it. His brother is coming out tomorrow to help him put it in the garage. No one is going to steal it but it will be better in there. The box around it won't disintegrate either.


  1. Lea--tomorrow morning at 9:30 we're meeting for coffee at Chaps! Hope you make it!!!

  2. Hi Lea (Lee)--thanks for coming to coffee today. I hope you enjoyed it. Was that the first time you'd been to Chaps? I came home and cleaned stalls all afternoon! It always motivates me being with other horse women. :) We'll probably do it again after Christmas!