Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wrangler as a new born. His mama was Sandy.

Bob and I and a friend on a trail ride probably 20 years ago.

Lane on Pepper, Lane is now 13.

Wrangler and Bob in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana


Wrangler last summer.

I did work with Sage today and she did mostly well. She is learning the things I have been trying to get her to do. Can't wait for Marilyn to come again. I didn't ride her, maybe I will be able to tomorrow.

Today I baked zucchini bread and brought groceries for this next Friday. So that was my day. Chrissy and Wendy came out this evening to visit and have Bob look at a ring they found in the dirt at a part. I think It is real but told them to take it to Zales and they will tell her. If it is, its about 2 carats with little diamonds on the side. It is beautiful, real or not.

Tomorrow I will make an applesauce cake and then clean the kitchen. At least that is my plan at this point.

Keep praying - blessings