Monday, February 8, 2010


He is a 13 month old steer. His mother is Spot. She may show up one of these days. He will go to freezer camp in March sometime.
I already have my I picture. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see what it is. I had a light bulb moment today.
Rusty forgot how to lead today. I got very frustrated with her. I finally just put her in circles around me and got her into the round pen. We are working on walk and trot on command. Shes getting it. THEN, we went to the hitch rail and tied her up for a while. She stood really well but after a while she started pawing. I wonder how to cure that. Ditto does it too sometimes when she is tied longer than she thinks she should be. The biggest problem with Rusty tied is walking up to her. She wants to run off. She doesn't pull back just gets the rope tight. I used the blocker tie ring. Tomorrow will be a longer time at the hitch rail. I may even tie someone with her and see how that goes. Next week I want Bob to hitch up the trailer so we can work on that. After we worked in the round pen twice, we went for a walk. She lead much better then until we got back toward the round pen. She's very strong willed. We did go out and walk across the road for me to get the mail. She did good and a car came by and she didn't even flinch.
Our youngest daughter, her partner and her oldest daughter came out and had dinner with us this evening. We had a good time. Her daughter Nikki is 16 and has been diabetic since she was 6. She had her 3 month endocrinologist appointment today and had such a good report. Her high blood sugars are down 30%. That means she is really taking much better control of herself. Before she ate, she figured the carbs and whatever else she does and put it into her phone and it goes to her doctors office. She is very active and has learned to live with it.
I hope your Tuesday is happy.