Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tune Up Clinic and weary bones

At the Red Top Stables today the Back Country Horsemen had their Tune Up Clinic. This baby was 2 days old today. He was so cute, I just had to take pictures of him. This mare kept peeking around the corner at us. She had such a soft eye.
No comment necessary
The view from the back door of the arena. It is looking north. The arena is off Idaho Rd. If anyone knows where Terry Toms arena was before he died, this is it. It is not far from Rathdrum.
Isaac did not look too happy here but he was, we were talking. I promised him a ride but I am just too tired to ride so I walked him around.
Bob picked up my camera and took some pictures. Most would have been better with the long lens on but am glad anyway that he took some.
Rosie was thirsty so stopped at the pool that never got turned over this winter. All the water in it is a result of rain and snow..

I think I walked 110 miles today or at least my feet and legs feel like it. We sold about half of the burritos and the rest are in our freezer. Everyone said they were good so I am assuming they really thought that. I thought so anyway.

Tomorrow we take the boys to Wenatchee to see their mother. It will be good to have the house to ourselves but I will miss them terribly. So does their mother however.