Monday, October 12, 2009

A Happy Anniversary

Today was our 52nd. wedding anniversary. Bob had these for me when he got home from work. They smell so heavenly. He doesn't bring me flowers often so it was a special treat.

Then we went to the cattle auction. Not so romantic but we enjoy it. We have more orders for meat than we have steers and went looking for a bargain that was not going to require feeding to make it meat ready. We did. He will go get it tomorrow. They had a big pen of longhorn cattle but we did not stay that long. I wanted to see what they went for. I wanted a set of the horns. Big suckers with LONG horns.

Nikki fixed my name on Face Book and now I can't sign on and she left so I can't call her. Maybe it will work later. I wanted to put my maiden name with my present name so maybe someone in my past will find me.

Night all. Maybe it won't be so cold tomorrow. Boy were Amelia and Ditto glad to get it. Katie is coming out tomorrow and work Abby hard so maybe she will be acting better.