Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A cooler day

I have a problem, kind of a silly one, but a problem none the less and it shows just what a technological idiot I can be. Maybe not an idiot, but challenged for sure. Yesterday I got my new phone. A Samsung Flight II and I think I said I ordered a cover for it. Now that is the problem. I did an order and the computer did something weird, so I did another order, It did the same weird thing so I used a different way to order it and ordered it a third time. Well, that is where the problem lies. I did not check e mails until later today and Guess what?????? I have three coming. I feel quite silly.

So on to other things. Poor little Raspberry is about as wide as she is tall. She is about to start waddling. I need to take a picture. She goes to Shannon's Sunday and will stay until baby is born.

I should have worked Sage today but didn't. Marilyn is coming tomorrow. Sage will get a work out. Maybe I will have some pictures. Bob is about at a point to send her to a trainer if she doesn't be good. I don't know what has gotten into her. She certainly has an attitude. She will get over it though. I did pet her and rub her all over out in the pasture today. She came up to me when I was filling the donkey's water. We moved them. (donks)

So other than mopping floors and making beds for Nikki's arrival on Friday and getting stuff together for leaving for TN next Tuesday, that was my day.

S is for Sister. I have one sister in TN where we are going next week. I love her so much and hate what their family is enduring. I have not seen her in over a year, maybe 2. I think 2 and that about breaks my heart.