Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday "S" Goodby January

These are Bob's spurs that he bought when he was about 12. He bought them in a feed store. The brand is Hercules. They were appraised once for about 500.00. Bob does not wear them to ride anymore, they hang on the wall.
This is our last picture of the challenge. Thank you each one of you who entered into the challenge and had fun with it. If anyone else wants to head one up, let me know. My little box is empty of words. I would be happy to do one with someone else choosing the words. Thank you so much. It was fun wasn't it?
Also, you must comment on this blog by 10.00 Pacific Time February 1, which is tomorrow. I will have a number chosen by Bob, he is clueless what we have done so it will truly be unbiased. Then I will get the pretty little candle holder off to who ever wins.
I did not do anything with Rusty today. It was drizzley and windy. Bob did though. He caught her and went on a little walk and took her into the barn and into Peppers stall. He left her there about five minutes and then led her out. She was a little heads up today but with the wind I was not surprised. Tomorrow rain or shine she and I will do some things.
Have a good Monday.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


FORWARD march.
Chemmy is off to somewhere marching forward.
I am doing this early today because we are going to a Mule Club dinner and auction this early evening and I don't know how late we will be. The last word in this challenge is anything that starts with an S.
And, to make a comment on this blog and to be in the drawing for the cardinal candle holder, you must comment tonight or tomorrow. I will pick a number Monday at noon. Good luck all. I will post it when I have the winner. There are about 50 entries and Bob will give me a number before he goes to work on Monday.
I worked with Rusty this morning for a little while. Today we went for a nice walk. All around the house, around the barn, through the barn an out by the road. I was so proud of her. I picked up both front feet. She has made such good progress this week. Bob has been working on making the pen a 6' high pen instead of 5 so if I do get a horse in Burns, the pen will be legal.
Sunday - hope yours is blessed.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Forward, Not foreword

Sharon and I collaberated tonight and I put an e in forward and spell check gave me foreword. I want FORWARD which is the opposite of backward. Not foreword which is the first part of a book. So FORWARD IS THE WORD FOR TOMORROW

A TEXTURE of a Friday

I took this out of the windshield of the car a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting in the car at Safeway after church. Bob was in buying us each a maple bar like we do every Sunday. This just looked interesting to me. It seemed appropriate today.
The word tomorrow is FOREWORD.
Today was kind of grey but not too cold. Not as warm as some days have been but it was OK. I went out to mess with Rusty first thing. I changed her halter and put a different lead on her. We worked on several things and she is just about back to where I stopped working last August and September when I really felt crappy for a month or six weeks. I did her near side front foot lifted up and she let me hold it. The off side not so much but she finally did let me rub her shoulder and that was progress. Tomorrow is another day. The second time I worked with her later this afternoon I put a long rope on her to work with her. She will yield her rear end on both sides. Yield her shoulder on the near side and kind of on the other. When I put her hips toward the fence she will side pass beautiful away from me but not at all the other way. So we have made progress but lots more to make. Tomorrow I am going to try to get the surcingle on her. She bucked really hard when we saddled her last summer, I want to get that out of the way before we try to saddle her again.
The other horses are fine and dandy. I hope Katie will come tomorrow to clean stalls. Or, I will have to work at them. She is supposed to.
That was my day, have a great Saturday.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A GREEN Thursday

I had a hard time finding what I wanted to take a green picture of. So when I found Rusty laying down with her green halter on in a round pen of green panels, I thought Yes this is it.
Tomorrow word is TEXTURE.
It did not take long at all to get the halter on Rusty. We ran off some spook off her doing a few laps changing directions and so forth. The I got her to stand and rubbed her neck. Put the lead rope around her neck and the first time she left. So, we did a few more directions and then she stopped and let me put the rope around her neck and then the halter on her. Well, then she just did what I wanted. She knew she had lost control. I petted her a big and then went up to the house to accomplish something inside. When I went back she let me walk right up to her. We did some despooking things and she did good. When she didn't spook and did what I asked she got a hunk of apple. Good girl. When Bob got home he went down and rubbed her neck and talked to her. She was glad to see him.
Then we went to the Mustang Horse Club meeting. We are going to have a ride on April 10th. Hope the weather is good. We are planning Mustang Days. We need to get going on it. A few different people are going to get some solid prices on arenas. Either of the first two weekends in June will be what we are aiming at.
Friday is a coming.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today that's the fog. It was starting to lift a little but still was there.
The word tomorrow is GREEN

Today I spent the afternoon with Rusty. I put her in the round pen and ran her around a few time changing directions ect. Then I tried to walk up to her. Didn't work the first time so back around she went. Tried again, back to work again. She is NOT afraid of me, just does not like me for some reason. The third or so time I could rub her neck. Then I gave her half an apple. So we worked like that for quite a while. You let me rub your neck and you will get a piece of an apple. I did not try to put the halter on her. I just had it hanging over my arm all the time. when I get the halter on her and can handle her more I will start getting the dreads out of her mane. It is about 36 or so inches long. I don't want to pull it out but I am not sure she will let me spray anything on it. I will keep working though. I love that face.
Thinking Thursday tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This little busy was droopy under the weight of the very wet snow we had yesterday. And the poor little truck someone left out there. The snow is about gone today.
That is the word for tomorrow
I had quite a time today and it really was my own fault but still not too much fun. When I went in to put Cody and Rusty in their pen for the night and to feed them, I did not latch the gate. I just closed it. Wrong thing to do. Rusty and Cody went in the pen just fine and Rusty went right straight to the gate and pushed it open with her chest and off they went on a romp around the barn and around, and around. I put their hay in their feeder and thought they would go in. Wrong again. The neighbor had been watching us run around the barn. Well they were running, I was walking. Wayman stood there and waved his arms at them when they came around the barn and guess what. They went right in their pen. He is not crazy about horses and he usually is not sober but he was this evening. I appreciated it a lot.
Remember only five more days to comment here on the blog to have an entry for the give away. The candle and candle holder are really cute. At least I think so. I love cardinals.
Hope your Wednesday is happy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

WILD Monday

She must have had an itch. I took this thru the window with my long lens. She wasn't too concerned about my stopping the car and sitting there.
Tomorrow's word is DROOPY.
Finally got my prescriptions all picked up today so think I will have a little more get up and go when the proper levels get where they should again. Sometimes my ideas about not taking them are not helpful.
Rusty is certainly a poop sometimes. She does not want to be a gentled horse very often. The weather has been so winter like she has not been worked a whole lot. BUT, she loves apples. She would do just about anything for an apple. She would not take them from me when I was in the pen until today. I told her she was not going to get an apple if she did not take it from me when I was in the pen with her. She finally did. She got three or four halves of apples from my hand. Cody was jealous but he got some too. I think we may have found a key to getting thru to her. I hope so.
Yesterday after church and after visiting with the baby and his sister, we went to lunch at the Rusty Moose in Airway Heights. We received a gift card from our friends Terri and Kurt Carstens. Thank you so much Terri and Kurt. We have enough to go to breakfast sometime on the same card. You don't know how much we appreciate it. We will come and finish what we started in the spring.
We woke up to snow this morning. Just because I said we probably have some. Then it turned into rain and then it turned into heavy pea soupy fog. Winter.
Have a Tuesday better than today.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

MOVEMENT on Sunday

What better example could there be. This is Coyote Ice Cream aka as Cody to me. He was having a good time.
Tomorrow's word is WILD
Me and Nathanial having a discussion. We stopped to visit after church today. He was wide awake and seemed to enjoy our conversation. We didn't solve any of the world problems but we talked about them.

Nathanial. Isn't he a dolly?

Papa Great having a good time with Liliana his big sister. She loves her Papa Great. Me, not so much but she does love him.

She wanted to come see the horses and this is how we had to leave her. Complete with a cowboy hat and shoes. She probably would not have gotten any further than the car but she thought she wanted to come with us. I felt so sad, almost cried with her.
Church was good this morning. The worship was awesome and the message gave us much to think about. God did not give us the spirit of fear but of power and love and a strong mind.
Please, all of you whether you know Andrea of Mustang Saga or not, pray for her sister Amy. Amy has breast cancer, has young children and found out her cancer has spread to her bone. I want to so bad do something to help that family out but at this point all I know to do is pray.
On that note, have a great Monday.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Wild life is beauty at its best for me. These two Canadian Geese were in a field when I left to go to Ellensburg this morning. I named it Book Ends. OR, I am not speaking to you. LOL.
Tomorrow the word is MOVEMENT.
I went to Ellensburg to a meeting this morning. It was very productive but I am glad we only meet three times a year. Its about a 325 mile trip for me. With a meeting in the middle.
Oliver is much better today. He has not had a good few weeks. First he knocks off a horn and then he gets sick. His temp was almost normal and he ate a little today. Poor baby. He has been my pet and buddy for about 10 years now. I was scared to look out the window this morning but Bob told me he was better. Made me breathe better. I did not think he would make it last night. Poor goat.
Have a blessed Sunday.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cats, cats, I have lots of cats.

The boss man of the barn.
He is lovable and sweet. We have no idea where he came from. He had a brother we called Ying but he decided some place else was better living quarters. Then 4 more young cats appeared and then 6 more little bitty ones. I know there is a big black cat living under the shed where Bob has his horseshoeing stuff. Wilder than wild. Could be the mother of the bitty ones but don't know. How do the people who dump these sweet critters off know if we will feed and take care of them. Grrrrrrrrr. It makes me mad. All but one or two of the bitty ones are friendly, the others don't want to be touched. We have no rodents in the barn.
The word tomorrow is BEAUTY.
That to me is going to be easy. There is beauty all around us if we look.
I have a very sick goat. The goat lady down the road does not give me much hope of him pulling through. He has pneumonia. Probably from this crazy up and down weather. I hate it. He looks so sick. We gave him a big double shot of antibiotics and that is all we can do. Shannon is a vet tech and she raises goats. I appreciate her so much. Oliver is about 9 years old. I have had him since he was 3 months old.
I have to go to Ellensburg tomorrow for a Washington State Horsemen state board meeting. Its about a 2 1/2 hr. drive. I usually go and stay the night but the meeting doesn't start until noon so I will just go for the day.
Hope your Saturday is happy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Children -Thinking Thursday

On another blog a while back I read a story about a tricycle. I looked out the window and out by the well houe and there was our tricycle. I believe we got it at a yard sale years ago. It is kind of bnatterde and bruised now but I wondered if it could talk what would it say to me. Would it tell me about all the children who played with it. About a little girl with a blonde pony tail or a little brown boy that rode it as fast as their little legs could go. Or had it just gotten stuck away in the corner of a garage and forgotted until the yard sale. Since it has been with us our littl granchildren and great grandchilren have ridden it nearly to death. The rubber part of the pedals are gone. It sort of bumps alongh but they still ride it. I went and got if from the well house and put it up by the barn before it snowed. We haven't had much but its safer there. That is my children picture for today.
Tomorrows picture is CAT
Today I worked with Chemmy a couple of hours. He was laying down when I went out to get him and was not in a hurry to get back up. I put the halter on him and then he begrudgingly got up. He led fine over to the gate. I tied him up to the hitching rail for a while and got a curry and went all over him. I did not try a pack saddle or anything. I laid some things on his back though and he thought I was a little daffy but didn't do anything. Then we went for a walk. Down the road a ways both directions and around stuff in the yard. He got a little pushy after a while but for the most part he was pretty good. Vehicles going down the road did not seem to bother him nor did the piles of stuff behind the garage. So I gave him a treat and put him away. My arms were a little sore yet from yesterday and his getting pushy added to it but it was delightful and I am happy to be able to get out and do some things.
The horses are fine and enjoying the sunshine. When I went out to get Chemmy all the horses were laying down enjoying the sunshine. I am glad. It is supposed to snow a little tomorrow night and they won't like that if it happens. Hope not because I have to drive to Ellensburg for a meeting.
May your Friday be Bright.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Getting the hay into the loft is a lot of WORK. We do have an elevator that takes it up but it is still hard work. Bob did most of it by himself. That white is the side of the tack room. The loft goes the full length of the barn. The far end Bob has a little work space. Mostly it keeps his stuff.
The word tomorrow is CHILDREN.
I got to ride today. Katie, Shannon and I rode about five miles. My body is screaming what did you do to me. Pepper was a real butt head for a while so my hands and shoulders are sore too. We rode down to Shannon's to see if she wanted to go with us. And while she was saddling her mule Johnny, Pepper did not want to stand still. He wanted to go home. We had a crow hopping good time. We went in circles and then more circles until he would stand reasonably still. Katie's horse Abby was wonderful, just stood there watching Pepper act stupid. I did not want to get dumped especially in the mud. Then Shannon got on Johnny and he bucked with her. We got everyone minding and took off down the road. It was so doggone fun even if my body is having its whiny time. We rode about five miles. Maybe farther than I should have tried for a starter but Oh well it was fun and I will be fine tomorrow. Katie was great and put my saddle away for me. I don't know if I could have carried it into the tack room or not. She looks after me. Oh, it was fun.
Bob is going out to work on my buggy again tomorrow. I can't wait for him to finish it.
Have a peaceful Thursday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The BIRDS have flown.

The eagles have landed.
I took both my cameras out today in the sunshine to find a bird to photograph and there were none to be had except my chickens. Did not think of them until right now so I went back and found one of the eagle pictures I took a few weeks ago when we went to see them on Lake Couer d'Alene. I loved all the pictures that day. They are such majestic birds.
Tomorrows word is WORK. Lets see what you all can come up with. I have an idea for mine.
We must figure out what to do about Wrangler. He is being really naughty when I try to put the barn horses in. He pins his ears at me when I yell at him and he chases Ditto and Amelia around. Particularly Ditto. I think I am going to put him back with the mares and let them pick on him for a while. The big mares are mean to Rosie so I may put her over with the old girls.
Remember each time you write a comment is an entry to win the pretty cardinal candle holder. There are 14 entries so far. I will pick a winner on February 1.
Today is Thankful Tuesday. I am thankful for the Sunshine that shone today. It was so nice. It was about 45 degrees. That is like a heatwave to us. Love the sun.
Fill your Wednesday with love.

Monday, January 18, 2010

PINK PINK What do you think

My PINK hat. The last time I helped at an adoption, Angie gave me a pink BLM hat. Actually, I asked her for a pink one. Pink is my favorite color. Any shade of pink, I love. Probably a fuchsia pink is my favorite of favorites. I love my pink hat.
The word tomorrow is BIRDS. Have fun with it. Andrea, if you want to just pick up here that's certainly OK if that is what you want to do.
Bob and I spent most of the day at the auction in Davenport. He doesn't get to go very often so he wanted to go. He bought a butcher pig for a friend who wanted one. Other than that we just watched cattle go through. In the middle some goats, sheep, pigs and a couple of day old calves. Got lunch out of it anyway. It was fun to spend the day with him. Our friend Cathy and her son Micheal were there. We all had a good time. Micheal wanted Cathy to buy the little calves and got upset when she didn't. They are not good to buy. At least in our opinion. Cattle prices were up. Probably better than for the past two year. That is a good sign.
The horses and the mud in a pain. When they went past me into the barn they threw mud all over me. GRRRRRR. I will be so glad to have this time of the year past. If this nicer weather keeps up we will be able to ride pretty soon and that makes me very happy. I am so anxious to get on Pepper and feel the breeze in my face. He probably isn't so anxious but I am.
Tomorrow is for the BIRDS.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today I go BACK in time. I took this picture yesterday on our trek to get straw.
Today we celebrated the birthday of our youngest daughter Christyn. That is what she prefers to be called, but she will be Chrissy for all her life to her family. I made a big pot of chili and fresh cornbread and we chowed down. It was so fun just to have a relaxed day. I gave her an old book of poems that was her grandfathers. She loves poetry and cherishes the old books. Gave her a pretty red candle to go with it. She loved them both.
We had a wonderful service at church this morning. "Our own missionary" spoke and she touched my heart. She said I (me) am the one, This is the place and This is the time. No matter what life has for us, this spoke to my heart and I need to wait and see just what the Lord means for me from those three thoughts. Tammy is in the Ukraine. She is itinerating right now. It was so good to see her.
Have a Monday filled with whatever it is that makes you happy.
(Tomorrow's word is PINK)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


My Y is for YELLOW
The yellow fire hydrant is in the town of Reardan. It looked so pretty sitting there beside the road.
This won't be long today. We have a Back Country Horsemen meeting in Couer d'Alene this evening. Bob has the program. He is demonstrating and talking about hypothermia.
I am cooking chili for dinner tomorrow. We will be celebrating our daughter Christyn's birthday. I asked her what she wanted to eat and chili and biscuits are what we are having. She is not hard to please.
We found straw. Thank you Kurt and Terri for heading us in the right direction. Bob called the man who is down out of Davenport this morning and we went right down and got a pickup load. It was 3.00 a bale. Bob is picking stalls and bedding them right now. That is such a relief.
Tomorrows word is BACK.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Give Away

I forgot to put in my blog today that the give away for the cardinal candle holder will run until Feb lst. The more times you comment the more times your name will be in there. Have fun and I will be glad to hear from you.

One foot, two FEET

My FEET in polka dot boots standing in water. I tried to find something others feet but this turned out the best. Tomorrows word is anything that starts with Y.

It warmed up some today. I think it was 50 but it didn't feel like that because the wind was blowing so hard. It is supposed to die down tonight but it was nasty today.

The horses were happy to get in their clean stalls this evening. Wrangler was mad at them for getting to in. I wished I had something to throw at him. First he ran Ditto around and around and then Amelia. He was just plain aggrevated about it all. Don't know what got into him.

Have a great Y Saturday.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

HAIR and Thursday

HAIR - Rusty has plenty. Isn't that some mane. Bob must get to working with her. She won't let me. I love her hair. Love it.

Tomorrow's word is FEET. I can guarantee that it won't be her feet.

Want to win this pretty candle holder complete with a pretty little red candle inside. I found it at a store clearance and thought, I love cardinals and love dogwoods and it reminded me of spring and an idea popped in my head. Give it away on the blog. Haven't done that for a long time. All you have to do is leave a comment and I will put your name in something and draw a name out. And abbra ca dabbra you won and I will get it to you. It is pretty enough I considered keeping it but........I am trying to rid myself of stuff. So my loss will be your gain.

The stalls are all clean but very scarcely bedded. We must find bedding tomorrow. I sure want shavings but they seem to be very hard to find if you can find them at all. Straw should not be so difficult. The Exchange came out today and Bob will start calling tomorrow. A friend in Reardan was supposed to call but Bob hasn't heard so my guess is he didn't find any either. I am feeling so bad for all our animals. Oliver is on a little island and seems happy but the rest are in muck.

Hope this dries up soon, we have calves due in about a month. I wanted later spring babies but that didn't happen so in the mud they will be. At least not in a snow storm like Henry was born last year.

Have a good Friday, its a long weekend. I will like that.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We are WALKing to.....................

They were crossing the creek for the fourth or fifth time on the trail. Neither horse has a problem walking across the water. I was worried about the round rocks that seemed slippery. Bob is on Raven and Katie is on Abby. I was riding Pepper bringing up the rear. We were riding out of the Clearwater Crossing Trailhead in Montana. There are several wonderful trails out of the trailhead going in different directions.
The word for tomorrow is HAIR.
I went with friend/neighbor Shannon today to take her mule and her driving harness to the Indiana Harness so Pat could do some repair work on it and put some buckles on where their were none. Its an OK harness but made with cheap leather. The price was right though. I am helping her get her mule ready to teach to drive. I will be helping her with that also. She is going to do help me some with the donkeys that I want to drive also.
Blessings to you all

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black and White

My Skeeter
The black and white tornado.
I had intended to post a picture of the herd of black and white cows down the road but but Bob took my car to work so I had to figure something else out. I sat him on the table to take the picture and he knew he wasn't supposed to be there.
Tomorrow's word is WALKING.
I predicted water if it rained on top of the ice and snow. My prognosticating skills are right on target. Where Lane and Isaac were here last weekend they played on the ice. Now the ice is covered with water almost to my boot tops. Not too fun. The horses are miserable, the goat is miserable, the cows are miserable. The only happy ones are the barn cats. The are curled up in the hay and enjoying it.
This is a Thankful Tuesday. Despite all the griping about the weather, I am a blessed woman. I have a loving husband, great kids, great grand kids, great great grand kids. Cousins I have recently reconnected with. My family gives me much to be thankful for. Each one of them. I love you.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My eyes are watching you

I have never done my own eyes before but the word today was EYES and I tried to get Troubles eyes but he would not let me. So I thought my own eyes looking out at you.
Tomorrows word is Black/White. I have an idea but will have to wait and see how that comes out.
Everything is water today on the top of ice. Oh Ick. I walked very carefully putting the horses out and then in. Ditto and Amelia trotted by me going in and I hid my face because I did not want to get splatted in the face with that mud. Its not all plain dirt mud and would probably landed in my mouth if I know my luck. LOL
Spent the better part of the day at the stockyards looking for a donkey or a pony but none there. If I was not going to Burns in a month I would have bought a cute paint yearling filly that sold for 25.00. She was pretty quiet. She went to a good home I think though. Lots of cattle. Bob wanted me to stay for cow calf pairs but I didn't. I was cold. When I went to leave some big buyer had parked behind me and did not come and move his truck until they threatened to call the sheriff to have it towed if he did not come immediately. He was a rude man. Grrrrr.
Hope it warms up in the south where they are just not used to this kind of weather. It could warm up here too for that matter but it is January. I am ready for warm weather.
Tomorrow then.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Curves, that was the word today

This is my curves picture. How much more could a tongue curve when reaching for a slice of bread. Her favorite treat. The cow is Candy. She is a character. So Curve it was.

Tomorrow the word is EYES which is my favorite thing to photograph. Hope you have fun with it.

Nikki went home today and that is always sad. The little boys were kind of glad to be going home I think. Maybe just because they were tired. I gave Lane a paperback book I had picked up at a yard sale - Where The Red Fern Grows - to read on the way home. He reads every thing he can get his hands on. That is a classic for sure. I have read it many times. I love it, his mother reads that way and I certainly do. I will have to keep my eyes open at Thrift stores and in the spring yard sales for books for him to read.

I had to go buy some groceries this evening. I can get through the store pretty quickly. In and out that is my motto. We should not have to go for a few weeks again except for milk.

The horses are all fine. Slipping and sliding around and mostly just standing in their shelter because it isn't icy in there. They are all so fat and fuzzy. I want to ride though. Makes me sad when I can't even get the horse out without sliding around. The arena is a giant rink and the round pen is too.

I have permission to adopt a horse at Colorfest in Burns IF I can find a black and white pinto mare between 3 and 6. They will deliver. Whoopee. Nikki will help me pick. And I am going to help where ever I can with the adoption. Can't wait. Sort of makes up for Bob wigging out on me and not being able to go. LOL And I promise I did not plan it. When I saw the pictures and showed them to him, he said, even before I asked, yes you can. Does that make sense at my age, no, does that matter to me, no again. I am excited.

Have a mahhhvelus Monday. I plan on it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

White was the word of the day

The word today was WHITE. Bob was burning some old stuff that we did not need any more. It was really white. Not the kind of fire to roast marshmallows though. Am glad the little boys were gone to Uncle Tom's by that time because that is what they do when they come to visit their Papa.

The word for tomorrow is CURVES.

This ice is about to get us down. Nikki fell yesterday against her car and probably has a purple hip and Bob fell flat on his back twice today. He is not moving around so well this afternoon. The first time I did not think too much of it but the second time he really hurt his back. He took some ibuprofen so he should feel a little better. Now its supposed to rain all this next week and with the ground frozen the water will have no place to go. We will need a boat to get around.

I worry about the horses trying to walk around on this ice. They all need ice skates. Now with more water I am not sure what we will do. Maybe put them back next door. I don't know. It is supposed to be warmer but not warm enough to thaw the ground.

I found out last Thursday that Bob can not go to Burns in February. I was so upset but decided I would go along, then had this wonderful idea and it seems to be working out. Nikki is going to go with me. I will go to Marysville on Wednesday and we will go to Burns on Thursday. She will help drive. We will have fun I know. She loves horses and dreams of a day when she can have a mustang of her own. Now isn't the time but she will have fun with me. We will go to her place on Sunday and I will come home on Monday. We have wanted to do a trip together and this will do it for now. Probably will eliminate going to Albany is March is I am going to Mississippi in May.
Things work out like they are supposed to.

Have a Sunny Sunday.

Friday, January 8, 2010

On your mark, get set ACTION

You will have to indulge me and my postings today. My ACTION picture today is a Nana snuggling her 4 day old grandson - Nathaniel. Nana is daughter Nikki. I loved this picture.Nathaniel

A wide awake Nathaniel.
This is how I spent most of my day. It is so bloody cold here it was good to be inside. We played and took pictures. That was our day.
The word tomorrow is WHITE. Hope you who are doing the challenge have fun with it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is excise photo. You will notice the hay in the wheels and the pedals. That should show you that I have not used it to exercise for a while. But its COLD. I will though, I promise.

The word for tomorrow is ACTION. I will be glad to see what you come up with.

Nikki and little boys are here so will say adieu for today.

l Forgot about this picture. It will be hard to see but there is a white spot on the mound kind of to the left center of picture. This is not far from our house and it is a bald eagle. And I did not have my other camera. Loved watching it watching me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I forgot again.............darn

The word tomorrow is EXERCISE.


Today the picture was circles. This old milk can has a table top that fits on it for a side table beside an outdoor chair. I started painting all the outside stuff yellow last fall. I will finish them all in the spring. Have a couple of these cans that we use outside.

A very cold day. I had just put the horses out and went to check on the donkeys. Everything that was wet yesterday is now ice. I was inching along and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I landed on my hip and my first thought was OMG I have broken my hip. But the good news is all I hurt was my hand. Have 2 fingers a little puffy. I was lucky. My hip isn't even sore. I am a pretty sturdy old dame.

Nikki and her little boys are coming tomorrow so they can see Nathaniel. Nikki can not stand it until she gets to see him and snuggle him. They went home this afternoon. I know Heather will rest better in her own bed. I wonder how Lili is reacting to being a big sister. 2 year olds do not share their parents very well.

Hope your Thursday is blessed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Tomorrows challenge word is CIRCLES

Thankful Tuesday

Today something wonderful to be thankful for. Our newest great grandson - Nathaniel Ryan Carmen ................... He is darling, came quickly and Mom is fine and Dad was sleeping on the couch in the room when I was there. He has a big sister Lili. Congratulations to their family, Nana and Papa too. Lots to be thankful for huh?
My challenge picture today of MUD. Mostly its water but mud under the water. It is gross. We kind of live on an island. Now its going to get cold and we will be slipping and sliding.
Slept good last night until we got the phone call from Heather. It was good to just be able to go to bed and go to sleep right away. That is a blessing. Don't ever take it for granted.
I think the horses are as sick of this water as I am. Every winter its the same thing though. I am so thankful for my polka dot boots. I have to clean stalls tomorrow. MUST. Must. It is really hard on my back but I can't stand anymore.
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Girls. On Monday

These are my girls. We still get an egg every day. Some of the other girls are banty size so their eggs are little. Just takes 2 per normal size egg. They dug up the hay string. Don't know how it got there. So this is my girl picture. Tomorrows word is MUD. That will be a challenge because we have a lot of snow on top of the mud. Who knows what it will be by tomorrow.
I got my medication for sleeping so tonight I will sleep. Bob is taking my car to work tomorrow so I will be sleeping in. It sounds very good at this point.
Hope your Tuesday is peaceful.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I don't know what I was thinking - technology. My brain went in slo mo. This is all I could think of beside the technology of my new lens on my camera and eagle pictures below here. They were awesome to watch and to look at. Not too many swooping over the lake but got a couple. They were spectacular and we had a wonderful time watching. We found the best viewing on Hi 97 on the east side of Lake Couer d'Alene at Beauty Bay. I had to walk up the highway a bit to get most of the pictures. Lots of people there doing the same thing. I should have dressed warmer. I did not know I would have to walk outside.

There are 2 in this picture. There is an immature eagle - no white head yet - in the tree beside the one in the top of the tree.

Tomorrow the picture of the day will be GIRLS. Another to make my mind go loopty loop. What was I thinking?
A fun Sunday. Hope yours was as good.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brought by the letter M for Mountain

MOUNT SPOKANE is my letter M. It was shot from over on Brooks Rd. near the end of the runway from Fairchild with my new lens. If the house next door to the north wasn't there, I could see it from my kitchen windows. BUT, it is there and I can't see it.

The word for tomorrow is TECHNOLOGY. How my mind came up with that word is puzzling me this evening. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't even have a clue at this point. Good luck to Andrea at Mustang Saga, Anita at Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, and Nikki at Life with Boys. They are the ones I know. If you read my blog and are doing it let us know so we can look at your pictures.

Pet some noses this morning. I thought about mud but it is so depressing to me. Its horrid. Katie and Cameron came out today and pet the horses. Liberty let Cameron pet her nose and rub her neck. I told him he was elected to work with her then. She is particular who lays a hand on her. She tolerates Katie too so she has a project. Abby was glad to see her person. I must clean stalls but tomorrow is church and then we are going to go over to Lake Couer D'Alene to see the eagles. I want to use my new lens so we can see them better. All that is contingent upon Heather not having the baby tonight.

Have a great Sunday. Whatever, I intend to.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wide, that is what my Fat Boy AKA Pepper is. He is fun to ride, wide or not. Tomorrow the word is anything starting with M. Hope you have fun with this.

Bob and I took a little drive today and this young lady did not have any sense about traffic. She ran across the other way and then turned around and ran back to where she had come from. Actually there were about 100 of them in the field she went to and then ran away from.

This was my very first picture of 2010. It was taken about 5 minutes after 12. It was snowing hard at that moment but turned to rain this morning and most of it is gone now and we have Williams Lakette in our back yard. I was glad to have my polka dot boots. Love them.
Hope the first day of this decade was one of love, hope and peace and that your entire year is full of blessedness.