Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Justin and I taking a nap this afternoon.  .  He pulled up on a chair and was so proud of himself.  I knew he was going to fall and hit the wooden dog bed.  He did, he turned around thinking he could walk to me.  He couldn't.  He isn't even 7 months old yet.  He cried pretty hard and will have a bruise but did not split his head open like I thought.  We snuggled a while and then I lay back and was talking to him and then he was asleep and I was dozing.  Katie came in and caught us.  He is a brave little bugger,  he thinks he can do anything.

Didn't do too much after noon.  This morning I helped Bob gather our steers up so he could brand the five of them.  Not my favorite job but as a farmers wife you don't always get to pick and choose.  They are now up on their summer pasture with the ones he branded last week.  He is working on fence up by Deer Park so we can take our cow calf pairs, the bull and bred heifers up there.

I wanted to work with Sage but when Justin went home we went to buy groceries for the month.  I try to get everything but milk etc. once a month.  Doesn't always work but close to it. 

So that was my day.  Tomorrow, I am going to ride Sage whether Bob is here or not.  Just can't wait any longer.  I can't.