Monday, June 25, 2012

Good To Be Home

It is good to be home but it was awesome to spend Nikki's birthday with her. It was great fun for dinner Angel of the Wind casino.
From the left, Dustin, me Nikki, Carmen, Heather, Joel, Bryant, Tyler and Kevin. All of the boys except Kevin are Nikki's boys. You would never know that would you. Dustin is head of telecommunications at the casino and got Nikki a good sized meal for the group of us. Their food was very good.

Sunday morning after church Isaac having a hotdog. I had Pizza. Isaac hates pizza. He will be 8 in two weeks.

Two precious Great grandkids. Lilliana starts school this fall. Nathaniel is 2 1/2. Sweet kids.

Coming home. Skeeter and I needed a little break.

If I had only known what lay ahead!!!!!!!!!. Friday when I went over there were signs of road work but no one working. HOWEVER half way up the Waterville grade. We sat the better part of an hour. I am so glad it wasn't hot. Once we got going from there on the east of Douglas we got held up again. This time only about 20 minutes. I was aggrevated by the time we got through all that.

So I am home and trust I will get to work Sage this week. I took three video's with me to Nikki's that I knew she would enjoy, 3 Road to the Horse video's We watched 2 of the sets. Enjoyed them so much and have some ideas to put into my work with my black and white girl.