Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My face is pretty much healed up.  My nose is still a little tender. 4 more weeks before I can do anything where I might hit my face.  I am not doing yoga any more.  I am afraid of getting hurt more.  Instead I am riding the recumbant bike for half an hour, then I swim for half an hour and then sit in the hot tub 10 minutes, 3x a week.  That is my exercise routine.

Poor Sage feels so neglected.  We have been over in Marysville with our oldest daughter and in Everett with our younger daughter.  It was SO good to see my girls.  We came home to a foot of snow on the ground and Sage just stands and looks at the house.  I had so much to do today that Icould not get out.

We have our second baby calf.  She is named Belle and is red like Abe.  The third one should be here very soon.  This snow storm has really made us concerned. 

 This has not been a good month.  I will be glad for March to arrive.  First of all an old friend died up in Oroville.  We showed horses together.  Then a friend over in Hayden, ID died.  His wife is who I got my new saddle from.  Then last weekend my cousin who we were close to died.  I think a Pulmunary failure but I will miss Donna.  Then,  still reeling from that  our dear dear old friend from church that everyone call Grandma died.  This is a little much.  All but Donna was elderly and 2 had cancer but still.......its tough.

So maybe I will have the picture thingy fixed pretty soon.