Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

I was thinking I was glad no one had a camera today when I was doing chores. I would have been embarrassed, humiliated and anything else you can think of. Poor Amelia had a run in with first the goat, then Pepper and then me. The goat head butted her in the rear, Pepper wouldn't let her by and she knocked me head over tea kettle, splat on the ground on my back looking up. She looked at me like oops, I am sorry. Do you have any idea how big a 13 hand horse looks when you are laying on the ground. She looked like a Belgian Draft horse. She just trotted over and went into her stall. I lay there groaning. I am fine, just some sore spots.

Then on a more serious note, I was thinking of families and how important they are. And I was thinking about our DIL Debbie and her sister Donna. Now Donna can be abrasive and has a past of drugs and who knows what but they are all each other have. When their dad died this past weekend, Debbie did not call Donna and Donna heard about from a 3rd party on Monday. Debbie can't understand why Donna was so mad. I told Debbie that should have been her second telephone call. She told me she could not deal with her. I have been thinking about that and praising God that our family is relatively close. Not that they don't have their disagreements about life styles, and other junk but God help anyone who said anything about siblings. My sister and I are very close even though we live far apart. I just don't get this disfunction.

Then I was thinking that this was a beautiful day. I should have gone riding.