Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, the end of August

Does it seem like August is over. In my mind that is the end of summer and the start of fall. I know that technically there are 22 more days but to my way of thinking its over. In the evening, it feels like fall. It is in the air. I can smell it. I love fall, its my favorite time of the year, BUT, I don't want winter to follow. Then can come spring. Well, If I was running the universe that is what I would do.

I worked all day in the living room. Does that give you an indication what shape it was in? Worked on the hardwood floors and threw a bunch of stuff out. Have a huge stack - maybe 3 years worth - of Western Horseman magazines. I am going to see if Katie wants them. If not, I will want to find anyone who does. I did not finish but will in the AM.

Today I found a stack of pictures of my sisters family starting in 1963 to a few years ago - prior to digital. I scanned them and put them in a file. They were kind of funny, sweet and wonderful.

After Bob got home we went over to work Blondie and Target. Blondie is coming along great. She goes both directions with the point of a finger, stops on a word, and looks at Bob with both eyes. She isn't too keen on being touched but can be talked into it. I put Carstens other horse, Penny, out of the area that the round pens are in and shut the goats out and took Target out of the round pen on her lead rope and we took a little walk. She came right along with me. I sat on a large waterer and we just sat and discussed it. She was soft and sweet. I tried longing her out in the open and she did a little but kept wanting to come stand by me. I pet her all over and was able to rub back over her hips dow to her hocks. Previously she had moved away when I did that but today she just stood there. Good pony. She has a cough. Sounds like a dust problem. We wet down her pen before we left and I wet her hay. I was going to leave a note for Terri but forgot. I want Rebecca to wet her hay to see if that gives her some relief. I didn't take my camera so just picture it all in your mind.

Remember: Love cures people - both the one who give it and the one who receives it. Dr. Karl Meninger