Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Great News

Steve and Debbie last Christmas

The best news we could have had and nothing to do with our horses. Today our Daughter In Law Debbie went in for her surgery for ovarian cancer and possible uterine cancer. They sent her off to surgery and we sat and sat and sat - about 4 hours I believe and the doctor came out and said NO CANCER anywhere. They sent tissue the lab and it was all clear. Thank you so much for all your prayers, thoughts and whatever you believe in because it worked. You could see the load lift off of Steve's shoulders when the doctor told us. I thought he was going to levitate to the moon. What a relief. She now has to recover from the surgery but the relief will help her through that.

Then, what a day, sitting at the hospital is exhausting. When we got home there were flowers waiting for us. A dear friend, Grandma Jean, sent them as a thank you to Bob for all he does for her. We did not expect it but it was wonderful to find on the porch. They look like spring.

More rain today. It was pouring when we left for the hospital but had slowed down by this evening. Our lake - Lake Dru - is full again. We changed the name to Lake Dru because last year Nikki and a friend came to visit and her little guy Dru had been told to stay out of the water, and you know what he did, went out and "fell" in. He expected great sympathy from his mother but didn't get it. Anita reminded me of it and we changed the name to Lake Dru.


PS - Kelly at Rose Hill Farm, why can't I send you a comment?